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​​Living with Cancer

Dorchester Writing Group with Cancer Patients 

Six people with recent experience of cancer (two men, four women) met with writer Rosie Jackson for two day sessions in Dorchester in October 2012. We shared some of our feelings and responses to the diagnosis and treatment; discussed what is helpful and not from medical staff, family and friends; talked about coping mechanisms and changes in lifestyle and outlook; wrote some poetry and prose which focused on the journey through cancer. Another participant who was unable to actually attend also sent in some writing. The feedback was very positive, acknowledging how valuable it is to share and compare personal stories. 
Our aim is to produce a small pamphlet distilling some of this material, but as we have applied for additional funding to extend this project, and are waiting to see if our application is successful, this is simply a brief interim report to give a flavour of what emerged. It is a mixture of writings by participants and a transcript of what they shared in the group, conveying a sense of the challenges faced on a journey with cancer.

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