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​​​​​Current Projects​​

The Art of Beautiful Scars  ​

Donated Dorset Oak Tree Supports Organ Donation

After an overwhelmingly high response to our organ donation artwork brief by over 100 artists, we are delighted to have awarded the commission to Andy Kirkby, a Dorchester based sculptor whose portfolio includes many exciting sculpture trails and projects across Dorset and beyond. 

Arts in Hospital has been working closely with The Organ Donation Team to rejuvenate a courtyard with a striking new artwork that celebrates the gift of organ donation and sparks significant conversations about subject. Andy has come up with a sensitive but impressive design using a venerable Dorset oak tree and a Japanese tradition of the loving repair of broken ceramics.​

I am intending to re-construct an oak tree by splicing and scarf jointing the old branches back into place. This re-constructive process will be undertaken in the manner of the Japanese art of ‘Kintsugi’ which can be translated as ‘the art of precious scars’.  In ancient Japan, when a ceramic cup or bowl fell and broke, the pieces would be carefully re-bonded using tree resin and the joints embellished with gold leaf. The reformed object became functional again, it’s scars giving the object  greater importance and meaning; the branches of the donor tree with be gilded with gold to reflect this concept. The oak tree has been kindly donated by the Weld estate, Lulworth, where it has lain dormant in a Dorset wood for some sixty years.” 

Andy Kirkby 

Discover more about Andy Kirkby’s work here: www.andykirkby.com​ 
Contact Andy Kirkby for images andrewkirkby@sky.com 

Our Photographer in Residence

DCH staff - Would you like the world to know more about the great work you do ? A picture tells a thousand words…

Professional photographer Andy Whale will be DCH's official photographer in residence over the coming year and wants to hear from any wards or departments who would like to participate in "Care in the NHS". This a photographic project, supported by Arts in Hospital, documents the care given to patients at Dorset County Hospital by staff at the hospital seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. We want to capture the moving moments and interaction between staff and patients. 

Photo Credit: Andy Whale

The results of the residency will be the basis of an exhibition at Dorset County Hospital which we will then aim to tour to other social and healthcare locations in Dorset and further afield strengthening engagement with our health and social care partners and improving the wellbeing of our communities. Contact alex.murdin@dchft.nhs.uk to find out more. See examples of Andy's work and a project description here: Care in the NHS.pdf 

START ART in the Discharge Lounge

Our brand New micro exhibition space  ​

To be completely well we know that physical health and mental health go together so Arts in Hospital is very pleased to be involved with a new collaboration between Dorset County Hospital and the Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust mental health team. 

We have created a new micro - exhibition space in the Discharge Lounge where patients wait to leave the hospital. The exhibitions will be programmed by the START (Support, Transition And Recovery Team) group from Bridport who make art and photography together. 

START are a mental health team that work with service users from hospital admission, through to community and onto discharge from mental health services.  They support the people who use are services to set realistic and meaningful goals doing the things that they enjoy and also find challenging. We hope the opportunity to exhibit work publically inspires budding local artists, whilst distracting patients who are waiting to go home.

Exhibitions will be up and running in the new space in July.


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