There are many different clinics and activities which take place at the Diabetes Centre and at other locations within West Dorset. A description of each different type of clinic is shown below.


Range of clinics

Main Diabetes Clinics

These clinics are for the follow–up and annual review of people with diabetes. They are usually staffed by a consultant with Registrar or Clinical Assistant Doctors; Clinic Nurse; Health Care Assistant; Diabetes Nurse Specialist and Diabetes Dietitian.

Specialist Foot Clinic

The main Specialist Foot Clinic takes place on a Thursday morning at the Diabetes Centre. However, a chiropodist also attends some clinics at Weymouth Hospital to see people with problems connected with diabetes.

The clinic is staffed by a doctor with special interest in foot problems; Clinic Nurse; a team of chiropodists Diabetes Specialist Nurse and a diabetes Dietitian is available for advice as necessary.

Eye Follow–up Clinic

This clinic sees people who have attended the optician for screening where an abnormality has been seen. The clinic is held at the Royal Eye Infirmary.

The clinic is staffed by a Consultant Physician, Clinic Nurse and an Eye Consultant if required.

Specialist Nurse Clinics

These clinics are run by individual Nurse Specialists and take place in the Diabetes Centre and some Community Hospitals. People can attend to discuss any difficulties they may have with controlling their diabetes, or talk about practical things such as blood testing meters or insulin pen use.

Education Sessions

Different sessions cater for people new to type one diabetes, and those changing to insulin treatment.

Diabetes Nurse Specialists and occasionally a Diabetes Dietitian run the clinics. The team also offer a carbohydrate counting course known as Freedom, for people with type one diabetes. These consist five afternoon sessions spaced over several weeks and run several times a year. Most are held in the Diabetes centre in Dorchester, but a course may be offered in other areas.

Access to Clinics

Referrals must be made by your General Practitioner to the main Diabetes Clinics and the Specialist Foot Clinic. Practice Nurses refer for education sessions if you are newly diagnosed with type two diabetes. If you were diagnosed at hospital, arrangements will be made by the hospital specialist nurse or Dietitian.

Referral to the Nurse Specialists usually comes from Clinic Doctors. However, if you feel that you need to see a Specialist Nurse you can call on 01305 255342. Please leave your name and number.

Please note that the Specialist Nurses may need to prioritise requests for an appointment. If you do not already attend the hospital clinics, they may suggest you see your Practice Nurse in the first instance.

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List of clinics by day


Specialist Nurse Clinic

Held every Monday morning in Dorchester.

Education Session

Held the first Monday afternoon of every month at Wyke Surgery.

Post Insulin Conversion Session

Held the third Monday afternoon of every month in Dorchester.


Specialist Nurse Clinics

Held every Tuesday morning in Dorchester and Weymouth.

Diabetes and Renal Clinic

Held every Tuesday afternoon in Dorchester.


Diabetes clinic

Held every Wednesday morning in Dorchester.

Education session for new Type 2 Diabetics

Held the first Wednesday afternoon of each month in Bridport.

Education sessions

Held the second and fourth Wednesday afternoon of each month in Dorchester.

Change to Insulin education

Held the fourth Wednesday afternoon of each month in Dorchester.


Specialist foot clinic

Held every Thursday morning in Dorchester.

Medical clinic

Held every Thursday morning at South Wing, Dorset County Hospital.

Ante–natal and Diabetes Clinics

Held every other Thursday morning at East and South Wing, Dorset County Hospital.

Nurse Specialist Clinic

Held every Thursday afternoon in Dorchester.

Retinal Recall Clinic

Held the first and third Thursday afternoon of each month at the Royal Eye Infirmary.


Diabetes clinic: Bridport

Held the first, third and occasionally fifth Friday mornings in Bridport.

Diabetes clinic: Blandford

Held the second and fourth Friday mornings in Bridport.

Specialist Nurse Clinic: Bridport

Held the third Friday afternoon in Bridport.

Specialist Nurse Clinic: Blandford

Held the fourth Friday afternoon in Blandford.

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