Important information about swine flu

The Department of Health has introduced a campaign to reduce the risks of catching swine Flu - the Catch It Bin It Kill it campaign:

  • Always use a tissue to catch your sneezes (Catch it)
  • Always put your used tissues in a bin (Bin it)
  • Regularly wash your hands with hot water and soap (Kill it)

The NHS has developed information for Swine Flu:

If you think you have Swine Flu
If you have a serious underlying illness, are pregnant or your condition suddenly worsens please consult your GP if you are concerned that you have Swine Flu. Parents and carers of children under the age of one, should consult their GP straight away if they have concerns.
For other people, in the first instance visit

Two telephone numbers are also available, 0800 1 513 513 for general information about Swine Flu and 0800 1 513 100 for treatment. People diagnosed with Swine Flu will be given an authorisation code that a flu friend can use to pick up antivirals from an antiviral collection point. A text phone number is available on 0800 1 513 200.

For the latest updates and further information about Swine flu please visit NHS choices or call 0800 1 513 513

What we are doing about Swine Flu at Dorset County Hospital
We are advising people not to visit the hospital if they have symptoms of Swine Flu.  If you have an appointment and suspect you have Swine Flu we will rearrange your appointment for when you have recovered.  If you need to reorganise an appointment please contact the hospital number on the top of your letter.

We have robust plans in place to manage patients who have Swine Flu and need to be admitted to hospital, although most people with Swine Flu do not need to be admitted to hospital. 

Frontline staff have been offered the Swine Flu vaccine alongside the Seasonal flu vaccine.  This will help us to maintain essential services during the current pandemic outbreak of Swine Flu.