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10 March 2020

A devoted nurse at Dorset County Hospital has been recognised by the Prime Minister.

Gynae-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Hilary Maxwell was recognised with the Points of Light Award for her exceptional service supporting women and girls with gynaecological cancers.

Hilary is the founder of GO Girls, providing confidential digital advice and support to hundreds of women and girls with gynaecological cancers.

A nurse for over a decade who lost her partner to cancer, Hilary set up the charity in 2015 to ensure all women and families could receive support at every step of their journey with cancer. She also educates thousands of people across the country on
women’s cancers and fertility issues.

Hilary is the one of the latest recipients of the Points of Light Award, which recognises outstanding volunteers who are making a change in their community and inspiring others.

Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements.

In a personal letter to Hilary, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "I know you do this with no thought of praise or reward, but allow me to offer my own recognition of how you are giving confidential support and advice to hundreds of women and girls at a time when they need it most."

Hilary added: “I am thrilled to receive this award. GO Girls will continue to work very hard to champion gynaecological cancers and offer support to all women affected by them.

“There are many challenges for both women and their families in this area, where survival in ovarian cancer has not improved in the last 20 years.

“We hope with our work, we will continue to help raise awareness.”

For more information about the award visit www.pointsoflight.gov.uk, or for the GO Girls visit www.gogirlssupport.org

Hilary Maxwell