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Updated 19 February 2021

Over the recent years our People Strategy has focussed on establishing core values across the Trust, strengthening our approach to workforce planning and providing strong leadership development approaches. 

Our refreshed People Strategy will take us to 2021, and will build on these areas - taking as its focus our need to be caring in everything we do with our staff, to enable them to deliver great care to our patients.

There’s a great deal of evidence that supports the link between a leadership approach that is supportive, creates positivity, empathy and focuses on the wellbeing of staff, and positive organisational outcomes. In short, creating a culture where staff feel cared about will enable them to care for our patients in ways that matter to them. 

Our strategy will have three priorities

Workforce deployment
The greatest area of focus relates to having a robust workforce, and the availability of appropriate staff on any given day. We will focus on this key area of Workforce Deployment at both a strategic level for longer term solutions, but also at an operational level.

Staff wellbeing
We are clear that our staff can only give their best if they are personally feeling fit and healthy, look after themselves and feel looked after. Our People Strategy will have a clear focus on Staff Wellbeing and this will have both a short and longer term focus.

Staff development 
Continuous development of our staff is critical - providing clear career paths, ensuring development plans are created and opportunities presented by our system working are maximised. This focus is a key factor influencing staff motivation and engagement - ultimately being a key reason people remain with us. 

These three strategic priorities are underpinned by a communications and engagement programme to reinforce both the People Strategy itself and the part it plays in delivering the Trust’s overall objectives. 

Since the development of the last three-year strategy, the pressures on the organisation have shifted, as has the national picture. The opportunities for system working and collaboration remain at the core of the national objectives and we are as committed as ever to playing our part within the Dorset Health and Social Care system.

Click here to read our full People Strategy including how we will achieve our strategic priorities.