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Updated 3 August 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the impact of science in developing vaccines. The Research Department at the Trust have contributed to vaccine research. The team have contributed enormously to the RECOVERY trial which has resulted in treatments that significantly reduce deaths.

The team has also:

  • recruited patients into a heart failure trial (PARADIGM) which led to the first new heart failure therapy in twenty years and provided another treatment option for patients.
  • recruited to the largest ever prostate cancer treatment trial (STAMPEDE) which has changed the treatment for men with prostate cancer worldwide.
  • recruited into a breast cancer study (PERSEPHONE) which will inform the duration of treatment.
  • recruited into a renal dialysis study that resulted in a new phosphate binder being introduced.

As part of our celebrations for International Nurses Day 2021 we have a series of profiles which highlight the innovation we see from our nursing teams across the hospital. We hope you enjoy reading about the experiences of our nursing staff which you can access here