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Musician in Residence entertains Dialysis Patients

​Bournemouth Symphony Associate Neil Valentine often visits patients who are hooked up to the diaylisis machines in the renal unit. Patients come three times a week for up to four hours at a time, so live music by Neil often brings welcome relief to these sessions.

Video Credit: Andy Whale (Photographer in Residence at DCH)

Blood Makes Noise​

'Blood Makes Noise' is a film-based art and science project about renal failure, dialysis, diet and transplant.  The project sheds light on the extraordinary world of organ donation, dial​ysis, plasma exchange and transplant, but ultimately it is about love, generosity and family.

Over a year Peter Snelling, a film maker and artist, worked with five people at Dorset County Hospital who have had renal failure to create a remarkable film, book and blog.  Patients were given the chance to talk about their views of their current dialysis treatment options and their thoughts on transplantation.  For example, whilst teenager Lauren is grateful for a kidney from her father to help her lead a normal life, Kevin who has had a heart transplant is struggling to come to terms with accepting a kidney from his wife.

Watch the film on the My Pockets website http://www.mypockets.co.uk/portfolio/296/​

The film was made with funding from the British Kidney Patient Association and the Wellcome Trust As Rosemary Macri CEO of the BKPA says, "The film touches on very real issues and concerns that kidney patients and their families face when talking about future options and I hope that these moving and honest personal accounts will help others to talk through similar issues."

The Peasant Evolution: Renal Friendly Recipes

by Jyoti Fernandes & Renuka Coghlan​

​​​​This recipe book is the culmination of the ideas and suggestions made as part of “Blood Makes Noise”, a film by Peter Snelling and a cooking project where people on dialysis worked with Jyoti Fernandes, a local chef and one of the founders of the Peasant Evolution (who grow local organic food in Dorset).



Read Anna Ledgard's report on the project, in which she describes the positive response to this project from renal healthcare professionals and in particular the transformation it brought about in some of the participants lives: "an authentic film which will build understanding in the wider community as well as providing inspiration to others about living positively with renal illness". ​​



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