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​​​​​​​​​Nature & Wellbeing​​

​Live Landscapes

​​​Live streaming 'Inside Out' Festival 

There are many new technologies that can help patients to unwind during their stay in Hospital. We are therefore undertaking an experimental new project which will live stream part of the exciting 'Inside Out' festival by Activate to patients at Dorchester Hospital. There will be a 'live link up' for patients to performances at "Hengistbury Headlines" – so that they can experience the event and being in the landscape, from their bedside.

The project is a collaboration with Activate and Bournemouth University and is part of Arts in Hospitals ongoing programme, "Biophiliia", which brings the natural world outside into the hospital in order to maximize patient recovery.​

Check out the full festival  line up here:

http://activateperformingarts.org.uk/inside-out ​

​​Tony Gill Photography ​

Bringing Dorset's natural beauty to patients, staff a​​nd visitors of Day Lewis ward

Earlier this year we were delighted to unveil our immersive images of Dorset by local photographer Tony Gill, in Day Lewis ward, a 23 bed acute medical ward for older people. 

This work has been selected based on medical evidence that access to nature and images of nature in a hospital environment reduces stress and therefore makes people better faster. We hope also that patients who enjoy this artwork will take the opportunity once they leave to go out more often into this beautiful landscape to experience for real its recuperative effect and health benefits.​

Arts in Hospital would like to thank the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund through the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership for generously supporting this project.

Arts manager for Arts in Hospital Dr Alex Murdin said that a total of 19 large images had been placed around the ward, in corridors and in bays and it was hoped they would help nature play a part in the recuperation of patients.

He said: “We have been able to create these fairly large images, which is great because it give people a real sense of the landscape and the feel of it. “I think what Tony Gill has been able to capture is a really ethereal and spiritual experience.”

Photographer Tony, whose images include Maiden Castle, Corfe Castle, The Fleet and Durdle Door, said: “I do like to go for something quite tranquil and let nature take its course.“I like that feeling of stillness and calm and hopefully that comes across in this kind of environment.”

Dr Murdin said the fact that the images showed recognisable local landscapes also helped give that sense of bringing that sense of landscape inside the hospital environment.

Image: Photographer Tony Gill with DCH staff and representitives from funders Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty admiring the new artworks on Day Lewis Ward​​

He said: “The staff here do a lot of work with people with cognitive impairments such as dementia and to have places they recognise is reassuring for them.”

Manager of the Dorset AONB team Tom Munro added: “We know we have got this outstanding local landscape beyond the walls here and we know walking around in it and physical interaction with it is therapeutic and beneficial. There is also increasingly a body of work on exposure being very good for healthcare and this is a really good opportunity to join with the hospital and bring these therapeutic effects of the landscape inside.”​​

​​​CT Scanner Artwor​k​

​​Illuminated Photography by ​AUB student

Image: Photograph by Felix Speller

We installed a new innovative illuminated artwork above the Hospital’s CT scanner to create a calming experience for those undergoing the stress of a scan. We commissioned local photographer Felix Speller, a second year photography student from the Arts University​ Bournemouth to create the peaceful visual capturing natural light and foliage. We have had brilliant feedback fro​​​​m staff and patients alike!


​​​Room with a View

Room with a View & Biophilia: Dorset Film Channel (2002 onwards) 

This innovative project broadcasts live webcam views of nature and landscape into wards and isolation units to distract and relax patients and visitors. We have recently added a new channel to the Room with A View system called Biophilia: Dorset Film Channel. ​

Image: Room with a View Screen

The Room With a View project provides a live view from a camera on the roof of Kingston Maurward House, approximately three kilometres outside Dorchester and one on the roof of Brownsea Castle with a view of Poole Harbour. The views of the lake and grounds and Poole Harbour are transmitted to large LCD screens in several isolation rooms at Dorset County Hospital, as well as public waiting areas. The isolation rooms are used for immuno-compromised patients with Leukaemia and other blood cancers, who may have to remain in them for several weeks. The idea for this project is based on medical evidence, which shows that a view of nature can improve recovery rates and reduce stress.

Enhancing the existing channels, we have recently added third, Biophilia: Dorset Film Channel, created in partnership with Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This channel shows pre-recorded film and video works by artists and filmmakers of the landscape, people and places of Dorset. In doing so we hope to offer further please and distraction for patients as well as an new platform for artists.

Arts in Hospital the are very grateful to funders of these projects, The Fine Foundation, the Elimination of Leukemia Fund, Macmillan Cancer Relief, The Kay Kendall Leukemia  Fund, Kingston Maurward College, the National Trust, John Lewis,  and Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well to the  film-makers and artists who donated their work and Dorset County Hospital IT department for making this project happen.

The following is a list of the works currently on show on the Biophilia Channel: 

John Calder, Charmouth, Dorset (2012)

Sue Palmer (http://www.biggerhouse.co.uk/)

John Calder - Hedgelayer, Charcoal maker and land artist, in conversation with artist Sue Palmer, about working with hands and feet in relation to the West Dorset landscape - the 'and' of the hand. The conversation took place as part of the project 26 and 7 Bones, made in collaboration with Sally Watkins in 2012. Duration: 8 minutes

Dorset By Night (2012)

Stephen Banks (http://about.me/DorsetScouser)

Dorset is the only county in the UK without a city, with the county town being Dorchester, thereby avoiding much in the way of light pollution. In vast swathes of the region, stargazing is a delight and an absolute pleasure. Bridport filmmaker Stephen Banks shows us night time in Dorset from a new perspective using time-lapse photography. Music by Douglas Dare (http://soundcloud.com/douglas-dare/do...). Duration: 5 minutes

One Day's Weather (2010)

Matt Stockman (http://vimeo.com/mattstockman)

They say that in England you can experience 4 seasons in one day – Matt Stockman proves this isn't far from the truth in this short time lapse film of a day's weather in Dorset. The music for the film is  "Slides and reels" by Dervish, from the album Harmony Hill. Duration: 1 minute

The Jurassic Coast: A Mighty Tale (2012)

Forkbeard Fantasy (www.forkbeardfantasy.co.uk/)

A fabulous light-hearted any python-esque 5 minute animated film about the Jurassic Coast, England's only natural World Heritage Site. The Jurassic Coast stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset and shows 185 million years of the Earth's History in just 95 miles - covering the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of geological time. The film is made by Tim Britton from Forkbeard. Duration: 5 minutes

Dave Chown, Bird Surveyor (2014)

Sue Palmer (http://www.biggerhouse.co.uk/)

Dave Chown walks Chesil Beach every year as part of an annual national survey counting dead sea birds. Artist Sue Palmer walked a section of the Chesil in conversation with Dave on January 29th 2012 as part of the collaborative arts project '26 and 7 Bones'.. This short film brings together the photographs that Dave took during that walk and extracts from the conversation. Duration: 8 minutes.

Lower Your Expectations (2010)

Phil Bambridge (http://vimeo.com/polymerheart) and Nathan Filer (http://nathanfiler.co.uk)

Nathan tells a story about the day he and Phil went to Chesil Beach. Mainly what he did was to write this story, and mainly Phil filmed things to go in the story.  Duration: 3 minutes

Closer to the Wind (2012)

Ivon Oates (www.ivonoates.co.uk)

Ivon Oates, artist, in collaboration with Graham Neilson, ship designer, made this sound-based video work as a portrait of a man and a tall-ship. 'The Pelican of London', usually berthed in Weymouth which was built by Graham Neilson. This inspirational tale explores the enterprise and vision of their story which has enhanced the lives of many, in particular young people in Dorset. Made with the Bside Festival. Duration: 10 minutes

Array 13 (2012)

Ivon Oates (www.ivonoates.co.uk)

Array 13 is a meditative documentation of the structures of Rampisham Transmission Station, a well-known Dorset landmark near Bridport.  Opened in 1939 for the BBC World Service it was the only installation capable of reaching all parts of the globe and played a significant role in the 2nd World War and the cold war. It is now decommissioned. Duration: 10 minutes

Savouring Europe (Dorset Chapter) (2004)

Robert Golden (http://www.robertgoldenpictures.com/)

Savouring Europe is a travel series constantly enriched by a culinary quest, the basis for every people's way of life. It reveals how they sustain their culture and identity in the face of economic and environmental pressures. In this chapter on Dorset travel -food, culture, history and ecology are rolled into an entertaining and beautifully crafted film. Duration: 30 minutes

Cynthia (2014)

Dave Young (Pod Films http://www.podfilms.tv) 

A portrait of old age, this film is a touching glimpse into the life of a Dorset resident who shares her positive outlook and accomplished accordion playing. Dave Young is a photographer, director and film-maker who runs Pod Films. Duration: 5 minutes

Bridport Dreaming (Between Soil and Sea) (2012)

Robert Golden (http://www.robertgoldenpictures.com/)

A film about three people living in or around Bridport Dorset this is an attempt to describe who rather than what people are. Golden says: "I believe that allowing people to speak for themselves about their concerns, ambitions and regrets is to share their humanity with the rest of us and that it is somehow healing." Duration: 30 minutes

Essays in Wood (John Makepeace) (2010)

Robert Golden (http://www.robertgoldenpictures.com/)

John Makepeace is one of the most admired and honored English furniture designers and makers of his generations. This documentary shows him, his work and his workshop at Hooke Park in Dorset. 'Essays in Wood' is for anyone interested in furniture design and making, forestry management, conservation and care. Duration: 30 minutes

Sanctuary (2012)

Ben Symonds (http://cargocollective.com/bensymonds# / www.bensymonds.co.uk) 

Ben Symonds makes extraordinarily vivid and beautiful films about our relationship with nature. Sanctuary shows a group of ritual figures crossing downs and forest in order to come closer to the land they were born from. Duration: 3 minutes

Windscapes (2012)

Geoff Dunlop (http://www.geoffdunlop-artworks.com/)

Dunlop's Windscapes series are visual encounters with that most familiar yet mysterious of natural forces. We cannot see the wind but we can see its effects wherever we look, when we choose to look. It was inspired by the sailing events of the London 2012 Olympics in Weymouth, Dorset and "Conversations with the Wind", a sequence of poems written for the occasion by Alice Oswald. Duration: 40 minutes

Bycatch (2014)

Alex Murdin (www.ruralrecreation.org.uk)

Bycatch is shot around the South West coastline and shows the way in which people use the coast for leisure -swimming, sailing, surfing and walking. The footage is accompanied by text from Jules Vernes' classic "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

Arts in Hospital the are very grateful to funders of these projects, The Fine Foundation, the Elimination of Leukemia Fund, Macmillan Cancer Relief, The Kay Kendall Leukemia  Fund, Kingston Maurward College, the National Trust, John Lewis,  and Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well to the  film-makers and artists who donated their work and Dorset County Hospital IT department for making this project happen.​

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