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​​​​​​​The ​​​​Treves Trail​​​

‘History, but with a modern twist…’​

The 'Treves Trail' takes strollers around the centre of Dorset, illuminating the history of the NHS within this period, whilst promoting exercise and activity both within the community and outside of it.

The trail invites you to trace the footsteps of 19th Century doctor Sir Frederick Treves and his life in Dorset. As a resident of Dorchester and a supporter of the hospital, Treves was an eminent surgeon famous for befriending the "Elephant Man" and performing a life-saving operation on the hospital's patron, King Edward VII.

The FREE  trail leaflet is available from Dorset County Museum, Dorset History Centre and Dorchester Tourist Information, as well as in Damer's Cafe at Dorchester County Hospital, delivering local history with a 21st century twist. ​

The Treves Trail is a walking route, with maximum accessibility. Walking is an excellent form of exercise and helps young and old to manage their weight, improve their circulation and maintain fitness levels. Walking costs nothing and can be a sociable activity, so let's get out there together!​

1. Start at No. 6 Restaurant, North Square (to get here from St Peter’s Church on High West St. turn left before the Corn Exchange, and head down towards the river). You might find a garden of treasure here! Cache A

2. Retrace your steps to the church and find Dorset County Museum next door; dig around for the second information box! Point B Cache B​

3. Keep going up High West Street towards Top O’ Town until you reach the Shire Hall. Turn right onto Glyde Path Road and turn first left to find the Colliton Club, site of the third box. You could take a rest on a friendly looking bench Cache C​

4. Return to High West Street and cross the road. Turn into Alington Street (between Frank Herring & Sons and the Tutankhamun Exhibition). Make a slight turn to the left and cross into Somerleigh Road. Find the odd red brick house, currently inhabited by creative professionals. Be creative in your search around the building - think green Cache D

5. From Sportarm, cross Somerleigh Road to head down Princes Street until you reach Trinity Street where you should turn right past the Art Deco Cinema and Iceland. Pass The Junction pub and cross at the lights on Great Western Road, continue straight and cross onto the far side of Weymouth Avenue, outside the health centre. Turn right along Weymouth Avenue until you reach the junction past ancient Maumbury Rings.​ Turn left into Maumbury Road, following it round into South Court Avenue, until you reach Rothesay Road. Continue until you see the signs for the sports centre or Barnes Way. Turn left into Barnes Way with St Osmund’s school ahead of you on the right. After the school run, you might fancy another kind of run - look for a gateway to sport. Cache E

6. Retrace your steps up Rothesay Road and South Court Avenue. Turn left and continue into Herringstone Road. Crossing over, you will find a footpath- Sawmills Lane, just before Eldridge Close. Follow this path under a railway bridge, and keep the playing field on your right, until you reach a pedestrian crossing on Weymouth Avenue. Do not cross. Turn right, and continue down Weymouth Avenue, until you reach the gates of Dorchester Cemetery where the sixth box is hidden. Take the small straight ahead path and follow it round until it runs parallel with the back wall. You are looking for a Treves’ memorial and a round ball of green on the right hand side of the path. ​Cache F

7. Leaving the cemetery, continue on Weymouth Avenue, past Maumbury Rings until you meet a bronze horse. Turn right and look for the new home of Japanese cuisine - the site of the seventh box. ​Cache G​

8. ​Re-join Weymouth Avenue. Turn right and walk back towards town, crossing the road at the health centre once again and walking past the Junction pub. Cross the road, and turn left into South Street. Continue until you reach St Peter’s Church. This is the end of the walk! Point H​

View the leaflet online and download here: https://issuu.com/artsinhospital/docs/treves_trail_leaflet​

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The trail would not have been possible if it weren't for the dedication and hard work of the project's historian, Mark Collyer. He has devoted an enormous amount of time to researching information for the whole project and for that we are extremely grateful. The trail was developed by a youth heritage team, who previously created a geocaching walk for Dorset Youth Association's Routes. With a dynamic skill set, the team are currently producing exciting content for the trail and working on supporting material.

“​Arts in Hospital and Dorset History Centre have been really pleased to have worked with the Youth Heritage Team on the new Treves Trail, which is an insight into the life and work of Sir Frederick Treves, a pioneer of Victorian medicine.  The Trail is part of Dorset County Hospital’s celebration of 175 years serving the county of Dorset and is a fun way to share that heritage, to get across some still very relevant health messages and to encourage people to get outside and take more exercise. We’d like to thank all of the youth team, Jack, Jenny, Beki and Isabella for their contribution.” Alex Murdin

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