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Privacy Notice for Patients

This page describes how the Trust uses and manages the information it holds about its patients and service users, including how the information may be shared with other NHS organisations and with non-NHS organisations, and how the confidentiality of patient information is maintained.

DCHFT has signed the Information Commissioner's Office "Your Data Matters" pledge; we support individual's personal data rights and hope that you trust and are confident in our use of data. We value the data that has been entrusted to us.

The Trusts Data Protection Registration number is Z5007118

This Privacy Notice is tiered to help you find the level of information you require:

Tier 1 – Overview of information held and shared
Tier 2 – Specifics of processing, retention and your rights
Tier 3 – Detailed information about the Data Protection Principles and DCHFT's lawful basis for processing

As part of the Trust's Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's) are completed for any new systems, processes or data sharing to ensure that your information is processed lawfully, securely and using the minimum amount of data required to achieve the desired purposes.

Data Protection Impact Assessment Screening Questionnaire.pdf

Data Protection Impact Assessment Template - Full.pdf

The Trust has exempted publication of completed assessments for reasons of commercial sensitivity and to avoid creating a potential information security vulnerability resulting from publicising our information security processes. Please contact the Data Protection Officer should you wish to see a DPIA for a specific system or data flow, requests will be considers on an individual basis.

Contact details:

Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Williams Avenue
Switchboard: 01305 251150

Patient Advice and Liaison
Situated North Wing Level 1, Main Entrance
Open Monday to Friday: 10am-12noon and 2pm-4pm
0800 7838058

Data Protection Officer
Emily Hutchings
West Annex
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Williams Avenue

We appreciate any feedback regarding our Privacy Notice and it's easy of understanding.

This Privacy Notice was last reviewed and updated September 2018.