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Updated 2 August 2023

Preparing and recovering from joint surgery has changed a lot of the years. Patients having surgery are expected to prepare themselves as if training for a marathon. The sooner we get patients up, drinking, eating, and walking after surgery, the better your outcomes will be. 

With a team of highly skilled surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, and physiotherapists, many patients will be able to return to their home on the same day of surgery. Some patients may not be able to return home the same day and may need a little longer. If this is the case, we would expect these patients to go home the day after their surgery.

We will only discharge patients once they have recovered from their surgery and are safe to return to their home.

When preparing for joint surgery it is important to have realistic expectations. We want you to have a clear understanding about what will happen at each stage. We ask that you prepare appropriately for your surgery and work with the clinical teams that you meet during your care.

The links below will give you an overview of how you should prepare for your joint surgery and what you should expect.

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