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Updated 2 August 2023

Before your operation, you will be sent a pre-assessment appointment with a specially trained nurse. If you have complex medical issues or problems with anaesthetics before, you may also be asked to have an appointment with a pre-assessment anaesthetic consultant.

It is really important that you attend appointment as this is how we check that you are physically fit for the surgery and anaesthetic. The nurse will record your medical history, medicines and allergies as well as asking you about previous anaesthetics you may have had. They may also request general routine investigations such as blood tests, an ECG, as well as checking for specific infections such as MRSA.

At the appointment you will receive important information about your operation and the type of anaesthetic you may have. You may also be given specific instructions regarding any medications you are currently taking. We also ensure you understand the benefits, risks and any alternatives to the surgery and what would happen if you did not have the surgery. 

The appointment is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and voice any of your concerns. 

For some operations you may be asked to take a sugary (carbohydrate) drink the night before and the morning of surgery. These drinks reduce the effects of starvation on your body and help it cope better with the stress of surgery and therefore helps you recover more quickly.

Further information can be found on our Pre-operative Assessment Unit page here.

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