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Updated 27 July 2021

Pre-operative assessment videos

This video is for anyone who is thinking about having a nerve block for an operation on the shoulder, arm or hand. It will be of particular interest to people who would prefer not to have a general anaesthetic and are having an operation on their arm, elbow or hand. It has been created by the Regional Anaesthesia UK Society who have given us permission to share. 

This video for is patients who smoke and are having an operation.  It explains the benefits of stopping smoking before surgery - even for a brief time. It was produced with support from the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and endorsed by the British Thoracic Society.

This video was created by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. This video is for anyone having an operation and provides patients with the information they need to become fitter and better prepared for their operation. We know that the fitter a patient is before their operation,  the quicker they will recover from their surgery and encounter fewer post operative complications.