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Updated 30 September 2021

National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)

The NDCS has written the following leaflets regarding hearing loss in children. NDCS has kindly agreed to allow DCH to provide links to their leaflets, but please be aware that you may have to become a member of NDCS (which is free) to view and download the leaflets.  Alternatively, printed copies of these leaflets are available from the DCH Audiology Department.

Glue Ear

Hearing Aids: Information for Families

My Baby Has a Hearing Loss: Support for Parents of Children Aged 0-2

Understanding Your Child's Hearing Tests

Useful websites

RNID provides a range of information on issues related to hearing loss and tinnitus.

C2Hear has interactive multimedia videos on hearing aids and how to hear well.

Our Dorset video library has information about audiology and hearing aids.

National Deaf Children’s Society provides a wide range of information for parents.