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​Donations during Coronavirus Outbreak

Page updated 9 July 2020

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported #TeamDCH during the coronavirus pandemic - whether through donations or messages of kindness, it has made a vital difference.

Businesses have provided free accommodation and Personal Protective Equipment, staff have received endless gifts to brighten their days, from chocolate to hand cream, and wards have been decorated with children’s colourful illustrations of rainbows.

More than £160,000 has also been raised through the Dorset County Hospital Charity's COVID-19 Appeal.

The pandemic has highlighted the true meaning and value of community spirit and we will be forever grateful to all those who have supported DCH and continue to do so as we work towards a new normal. 



We understand that for some people it may not be financially possible to donate towards the Charity's COVID-19 Appeal and that some people will want to donate goods. There are plenty of items that we need that we would be very grateful to accept.

Please see a checklist of what physical donations Dorset County Hospital can and can't receive below.

For anyone wishing to donate PPE or any medical equipment, please email to arrange a drop off.

We appreciate a lot of people would like to help Dorset County Hospital. However, we will inform you if we are in need of anything specific. We ask that you please be mindful of posts circulating on social media and that if we are in need of any specific donations we will publicise this directly from our own social media accounts and on this page.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated scrub bags, mask adapters and knitted bears - we are incredibly grateful.

Items we can accept

Food/Drink (tinned or cartons/packets)

·        Tinned meat – corned beef, cooked mince

·        Hot dogs

·        Fish – tuna, sardines, pilchards

·        Tinned fruit and vegetables

·        Rice pudding

·        Cereals

·        Pasta

·        Pasta sauce

·        Rice

·        Sugar

·        Biscuits and snack bars

·        Chocolate

·        Instant mashed potato

·        Fruit juice

·        Tea and coffee

Other Items/Toiletries

·        Soap

·        Toothpaste and toothbrushes

·        Razors and shaving foam

·        Toilet rolls

·        Washing power

·        Dishwasher tablets

·        Women's sanitary products

·        Hand sanitizer  

·        Hand cream

·        Bath products

·        Lip balm (sticks only)

Staff Wellbeing

·        Adult colour books and pencils

·        Books

·        Puzzle books

·        Stationary

·        Journals

·        Exercise products

·        Music players – radios

·        Coffee machines (with relevant pods)

Items we cannot accept

Please note that we cannot accept perishable goods such as bread, fruit and vegetables or sandwiches; food that needs to be frozen or meals from restaurants and cafés.

The Trust cannot accept and must politely decline any food and drinks:

·        Which are not commercially produced i.e. anything home-made

·        Without an ingredients list

·        Requiring refrigeration or freezing

·        With a 'use by' date (these foods have a higher safety food risk

·        Which have exceeded their 'best before' date

·        With any damage to the packaging

Please note: A products 'use by' date is about safety, and a 'best before' date is about quality. For more information on the difference, visit

We appreciate that this might be disappointing to people who just want to help and we're very grateful for their kindness.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to accommodate these generous offers in order to minimise infection risk, protect the safety of our patients and staff and prioritise resources on where they are needed most.

Thank you for all your ongoing support at this challenging time.