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​Discharge Lounge

When you are on the road to recovery and on the day of your discharge home or transfer, an assessment by the nurse in charge of your care and the staff nurse will be carried out to determine your suitability to come to the lounge to await transport, medication, etc.

The Discharge Lounge has trained staff, who will take over your care and individual requirements during the remainder of your say. If you can finish your hospital stay in the Discharge Lounge this allows your bed to be released earlier for patients waiting for planned operations.

The Discharge Lounge staff can contact your relatives at any time so they are aware of the pending move to the Lounge and can be given directions to its location. Relatives can therefore pick up without the inconvenience of having to find a parking space or purchasing a parking ticket, as there is a designated pick–up area.

Direct Line: 01305 255748