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​Children's Hearing Test Appointment

What will happen at the appointment?

Children under the age of four are seen by two audiologists, children older than four are seen by one audiologist. Appointments usually last 45 minutes and sometimes a student audiologist may be observing.

The audiologists will introduce themselves and ask you some questions about your child’s hearing, speech and their general health.

They will look in your child’s ears and then they will play some listening games. The games are meant to be fun and they are not difficult. It may involve looking for an exciting toy when a sound is heard or putting a wooden man in a boat. Some of the sounds will come from speakers and some will come from headphones or little foam earphones.

After the hearing test we will carry out a very quick pressure test which looks at how well your child’s eardrums are moving. It only takes a few seconds and requires your child to sit as still as possible while they feel a little tickle in their ears.

We will then explain the results to you and discuss what happens next. If your child’s hearing is normal we will discharge you. If your child’s hearing is reduced, we will arrange to see you again.

As all children are different, it is not always possible to get the information we need from the first appointment. We may need to see you again to finish testing before we can be sure that we know how well your child is hearing.

What happens next?

We will write a report to the GP, health visitor or school nurse who referred you. The report will describe the results and explain what we intend to do next. You are welcome to ask for a copy of the report if you wish.

Can I bring someone with me?

You are very welcome to bring another adult into the test with you. If you have other young children, it may be better to arrange childcare for them at home or to bring another adult who can look after them in the waiting room.

What facilities are available?

Our waiting rooms are child-friendly, with toys and books. Toilets are situated in the department. Baby-changing facilities are available nearby.

To make an appointment or for advice, please ring 01305 255563.