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​Digital Hearing Aids

All our hearing aids are up to date, technologically advanced behind the ear (BTE) digital devices. The term digital does not describe the size or shape of the aid, it refers to the technology inside the aid.

Digital hearing aids use a microchip to allow us to programme the aid very accurately to your hearing loss and to produce the most natural, realistic sound possible. The aids we use are made by GN Resound, Phonak and Oticon. We can aid most hearing losses from the very mild to the profound. All our hearing aids have:

Digital Feedback Suppression: feedback is the whistling sound which some hearing aids produce. It is caused by amplified sound escaping from the ear and being reamplified, getting louder and louder until the aid whistles. It can be caused by the aid fitting poorly in the ear or excessive wax. Our digital hearing aids have an automatic programme which listens for whistling and creates an identical sound to cancel out the whistle. Therefore, the whistle is reduced or stopped without having to reduce the volume of the aid.

Automatic Directional Microphones: all our hearing aids have two microphones, one facing forward and one facing backwards. In busy places, the computer in the hearing aid can use the information received through both microphones to try to reduce the background noise coming from behind you. This allows you to hear the person in front of you more easily than the background noise.

Noise Reduction: in noisy situations, your hearing aid is able to extract the speech from the background noise. It then suppresses the background noise before adding it back to the speech. In this way the speech becomes easier to hear over the background noise.

Loop or Telecoil: the loop, or telecoil, or induction coil is a separate programme on your hearing aid. When you go into a public place which is fitted with a loop system, such as a church, theatre or bank, activating the loop programme will allow you to hear clearly what is being said by the cashier or on the stage while reducing the effect of any background noise.

Programmes: different programmes for different situations can be activated on your hearing aid. The most common programme we offer is the loop function, but we can activate programmes to help in restaurants, parties or to hear music more clearly.

Direct Audio Input: this is a system which allows external devices such as MP3 players, laptops or portable DVD players to be connected directly to your hearing aids. Rather than removing your aids and using separate earphones, a commercially available lead can be plugged directly into the hearing aids. We can advise you on how to purchase the lead and connector.

Most hearing losses are caused by permanent damage to the sensitive inner ear, meaning that your brain no longer receives the correct messages from your ear. No hearing aid, no matter how advanced or expensive, can make your ear work properly again in these circumstances. There will always be some situations which make it difficult to understand speech, such as very busy rooms or walking along a noisy street. It is important to understand that a hearing aid is not a cure for your hearing loss and some situations will always be difficult; but if you wear your aids every day you will get benefit in most places.