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​Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

My aid does not work (no sound) 
• Change the battery. If the aid now works then the battery was dead, even if it was a new battery. Some new batteries are faulty
• Take the mould and tube off the hearing aid and cup the aid in your hand. If the aid now whistles then the tubing is blocked. Try cleaning and drying the mould, before fitting the tube and mould back onto the aid.
• Where possible, unscrew the curved elbow from the hearing aid. If the aid now whistles, the elbow is blocked or the filter is wet. Arrange a repair appointment to have the elbow replaced, or we can post a replacement elbow to you
• Make sure you are not accidentally pressing the programme button and activating the loop programme or mute function. Try turning the aid off and on carefully to re-set it
• If you have tried all of the above and the aid is still not working, book a repair appointment

My aid is whistling 
• Check the mould is fitted properly in your ear – see diagrams in instruction booklet
• If the aid continues to whistle, book a repair appointment at your local hospital. The cause may be wax or a poorly fitting ear mould which needs replacing
• It is normal for the aid to whistle when it is turned on but not in your ear, e.g. when you are trying to fit it or if you put it down without turning it off

My aid is intermittent 
• Change the battery – some batteries are faulty even when new
• Check for condensation in the tube. If you can see tiny bubbles in the tube then remove it from the aid and blow through it. Now replace the tube. Condensation can be reduced by leaving the battery drawer fully open at night and/or leaving the hearing aid and mould in the airing cupboard or other warm (but not hot) dry place
• If the aid beeps as though it is restarting or changes programme without you pressing any buttons, arrange a repair appointment

My aid is buzzing constantly
• You may be activating the loop programme accidentally. Try pressing the programme button or turning the aid off and on to reset it
• If the aid buzzes loudly or buzzes even after you have re-set it, arrange a repair appointment

My aid is too quiet
• Check for wax or condensation in the tube or elbow. If the aid whistles more loudly when you remove the tube, there may be a blockage. Clean the mould and tube and dry it thoroughly.
• Unscrew the elbow where possible. If the aid whistles more loudly, there may be moisture in the filter. Arrange a repair appointment
• If the aid is still too quiet, book an appointment to have it checked

For any further enquiries, or to make an appointment, call 01305 255563.