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​Hearing Therapy

A hearing therapist's role is to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation service for adults who have hearing difficulties and/or associated disorders e.g. tinnitus.

The Hearing Therapy service is provided by audiologists who specialise in helping patients make the most of their hearing and hearing aids through the use of communication tactics, lip-reading and assistive listening devices. They work with the patient, their relatives and carers, hearing aid audiologists, Social Services Departments and Disability Employment Advisors to develop an individual rehabilitation programme based on the patient’s needs.

A hearing therapist uses a variety of methods to work out an individual programme for each patient to assist them in improving their communication skills and to maintain work and social contacts. These include:
• help with hearing aids
• auditory training
• counselling individuals with hearing impairments (and their families)
• advice about environmental aids
• lip-reading instruction
• tinnitus management.

When you go to the hospital you will be seen by a Hearing Therapist, who may be accompanied by a student Audiologist. Your appointment could last up to 1 hour.

What will happen next?

The Hearing Therapist will write a report outlining the points made in your appointment. This will be emailed to your GP and a copy sent back to the person who referred you to the Hearing Therapy Service – e.g. an ENT Consultant. You may have a copy of this if you wish.

If you are to have a hearing aid fitted in the future we will arrange another appointment for this to be done.

Together with the Hearing Therapist you may decide to book another appointment to check on your progress or you may prefer to contact us if necessary.

Should I bring somebody with me?

You are more than welcome to bring a partner, friend, relative or carer with you. Indeed, it can be useful to have somebody else there to take in the information.

What can I do to prepare for the appointment?

It may be beneficial to spend a few minutes considering the main situations that you are having difficulty hearing in or how your tinnitus is affecting you.

Who should I contact if I need more information?

Please do not hesitate to contact the department if you have any questions on 01305 255563.