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​How do I get a hearing aid?

Hearing loss affects one in seven people in the UK and nearly half of people over 60 have some degree of loss.

Our department can provide high quality digital hearing aids to British residents of any age. Hearing losses usually occur gradually and it can take several years before you notice a problem. You may wish to consider having your hearing tested if:

• You have to ask people to repeat themselves frequently
• Other people complain that you have the volume of the television too loud
• Other people seem to mumble when they talk
• You miss the first few words of a sentence when someone starts to talk to you
• You  find it difficult to follow a conversation when several people are talking at once
• You have difficulty hearing across a table in a busy café or restaurant

Simply arrange an appointment to see your GP, who will ask you some questions and look in your ears to check that you do not have excessive wax or an ear infection. Your GP will arrange an appointment for you there and then through Choose and Book or they will send us a referral. You should be offered an appointment with Audiology within six weeks where we will test your hearing and discuss your suitability for a hearing aid. 
Everyone is entitled to two hearing aids and there are benefits to hearing through both ears. These include better localisation of sound, receiving more speech information and the possibility of hearing speech more easily in background noise. However, getting used to a hearing aid takes several weeks and requires patience and perseverance. You may prefer to start with one hearing aid, get used to it and then decide whether a second aid is necessary. We will help you to make this decision at your assessment.