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​Community Paediatrics

This page is primarily aimed at health, education and social care professionals as it hosts information about the referral process and referral forms.

It may expand its role in the future to provide more information to the general public, although it is expected that in general, the Dorset Family Information Directory will host information that is relevant to service users.​

An update on Dr Yap's Special School Clinics (Westfield, Wyvern, Mountjoy) is available here


We are part of the Pan-Dorset Development and Behaviour Pathway, which was launched in September 2018. You can read more about this on the Dorset CCG website here.​

​The links below give the details including the expectations prior to a referral being considered.  It is expected that the guidance in these documents are followed prior to considering a referral for neurodevelopmental assessment.

The email address for referrals is:

The postal address for referrals is:

Consultant Community Paediatrician
Development and Behaviour Pathway Referral
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
The Children's Centre
Damers Road
DT1 2LB  

As far as the actual referral process into paediatrics for neurodevelopmental assessment goes, please use the referral forms below:​

It is possible that there may be a small number of situations which do not neatly fit into this Pan Dorset Pathway, where it may be more appropriate for the GP to make the referral instead. Referrers should contact the department for advise if unsure. 

Referrals for ASD/Asperger assessments for young adults aged 18 years and above should be sent to the Pan-Dorset Community Adult Asperger Service.
If the young adult has a learning disability then it is normally expected that the Adult Learning Disability Service would do the assessment in the first instance.​ 

To request a statutory paediatric medical report in relation to the Education Health and Social Care (EHC) Plan please use the email address below.  This is only for paediatric reports.  For reports from other specialists, please request them the usual way.  Inappropriate requests will be deleted or returned to the sender.  Email encryption is already set-up for email communication between the main Dorset agencies (check with your IT department if you are not sure).

It may be helpful to include further information in the form of questionnaires.  Some of the commonly used ones are:

There are other questionnaires we use, not all can be provided here, and these will be issued as necessary.​

Provision of Courses

November 2016 Compilation

Contacting Us

​01305 254705 (Kirsty James, Paediatric Admin Team Leader and ASD Co-ordinator)

01305 254703 (Helen Hamilton, Secretary to Dr Yap and Dr Stanley)

01305 253730 (Jill Rubrecht, Secretary to Dr D'Arrigo)

01305 255206 (Carly Shaw, Secretary to Nicky Moore)

01258 473887 (Jan Robbins, Secretary to Dr Hanna)

01305 254737 (Children's Centre fax number)

Dr Penny Mancais (Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Lead)

Dr Polly Daniel (Clinical Psychologist) 

Useful Links

Dorset Family Information Directory

Dorset Council:​

Autism Wessex:


Dorset Child and Family Counselling Trust:  

Dorchester Opportunity Group:

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)​:

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