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​Equipment Management

Dorset County Hospital has an inventory of medical equipment that comprises of in excess of 5,000 items. These range from relatively small devices such as electronically controlled infusion pumps to sophisticated imaging equipment such as the CT and MRI scanners.

Many of these devices require regular servicing and scheduling of quality assurance procedures to ensure optimised performance. There are also safety issues such as Hazard Notices (issued from time to time by the Medical Devices Agency) and financial issues such as the need for periodic replacement to be dealt with.

To meet these needs the hospital purchased a specialist commercial software package in 2001, known as 'Sophie 9000' and is available to a selected group of intranet users within the Trust. These users each have a separate but direct interest in medical equipment management.

The database of equipment is also available on a small number of PDAs, equipped with barcode scanners, so that equipment can be identified, jobs written up and records modified or added whilst away from the department.  On returning, the PDA is dropped into its docking station and the main database is updated with the new information.

Every piece of equipment that is listed on Sophie is labeled with a numbered barcode