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​Research and Development

Since the foundation of the department in 1982, the Medical Physics team have collaborated with our medical colleagues on a wide variety of research projects. The topics have varied in discipline from surgery to psychology but with a specialist interest in diagnostic ultrasound. The initial outcome of the research work is generally presentation at conference or by publication in refereed journals.  Wherever possible the department prefers to follow projects through to commercial production with consequent widespread patient benefit.

The main research project at the moment relates to the acoustic detection of stenosed arteries.  Sample publications produced by the department since its foundation include:

 J.D. Aindow, J. Lesny, P.A. Robins, D.S. Deogan.  Fine needle biopsies – Enhanced visualisation using tip mounted miniature polymer transducers.4th International congress on Interventional Ultrasound, Copenhagen, Denmark, 19th-22nd August 1986

P.A. Robins, P.C. Barrington, and J.D. Aindow.  Electroconvulsive Therapy - what are the relevant physical parameters for its optimum administration? The Hospital Physicists Association and The Institute of Physical Sciences in Medicine 44th Annual Conference, September 1987

J.D. Aindow, P.A. Robins, K. Nicolaides, M. Peters, and J. Lesny.  Ultrasonically guided needle procedures utilising tip mounted acoustic sensors for image enhancement - a discussion of scientific aspects and preliminary clinical trials.  First International Symposium on Interventional and Intraoperative Sonography, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, 24-26th May 1989

P.A. Robins, J.D. Aindow, and J.V.P. Fowler.  Experimental aspects of high frequency ultrasound measurements.  Physics and Technology of Medical Ultrasound, University of York, 15-16th April 1991
P.A. Robins, G. Petley, J.D. Aindow and J. Bottle.  Ultrasonic bone assessment: is wavefront aberration the principal limitation of current technology?  The 23rd Annual Meeting of the British Medical Ultrasound society, Bournemouth, 10-12th December 1991

G. Petley, P.A. Robins and J.D. Aindow.  Broadband ultrasonic attenuation: are current measurement techniques inherently inaccurate?  British Journal of Radiology 1995;68;1212-1214

J.D. Aindow, M.A. Bangash, P.A. Robins and R.C. Chivers.  A high specification hydrophone for the determination of ultrasonic source behaviour. Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics 1995;17;Part 6
J. Lesny, P.A. Robins and J.D. Aindow.  Guided “freehand” technique. 81st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, 1995

J.V.P. Fowler, P.A. Robins, J.D. Aindow.  Anechoic rooms for audiometric calibrations – an experimental evaluation of a low cost design for a new District General Hospital.  4th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, Brighton, 15-17th September 1998

M.J. Lunt, F.A. Duck.  Ultrasonic power balances--effect of a coupling window on the power measured from  physiotherapy ultrasound units.  Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 2001 Aug;27(8):1127-32

M.J. Lunt, J.D. Aindow and P.A. Robins.  Acoustic emission from stenosed blood vessels”.  8th Annual Scientific   Meeting of The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, Durham, 10-12th September 2002