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​Orthodontic Services

For information about orthodontic appointments during the current
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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of fixed, functional and removable braces to align the teeth and/or jaw.  This may also include the extraction of teeth or jaw surgery.  If surgery is involved we work closely with the Maxillofacial Team in Poole Hospital.

Do you fit the criteria?
We will be able to treat you if you have a more complex orthodontic problem such as missing teeth (hypodontia), extra teeth (supernumerary), eruption problems (teeth stuck in the gum), teeth which stick out by over 9mm, or you have a more serious conjenital problem such as cleft lip and palate.  ​

We also will treat patients with medical issues or autism and/or learning  disabilities.

Initially your dentist will assess your concerns and refer you to the appropriate centre for your care.

What will happen at my first appointment?
You will be asked to complete a medical history form when you arrive

One of our Consultants​ Mr Bellis, Mrs Ellis or Mrs Furness (or a member of their team) will then look at your teeth (a bit like having a check-up at the dentist)

You will probably be asked to visit the x-ray department for an x-ray

You will then see the orthodontist again to discuss the problems with your teeth and the options to solve them

This will take some time so allow approximately 2 hours for your appointment.

What is expected from you
Your be asked to attend an appointment for records this is where we will take moulds and photographs of your teeth to plan your care. You will then need to attend regular appointments to have your braces checked, altered and adjusted.  You will need to continue visiting your dentist and you will need to maintain good dental health and oral hygiene levels throughout treatment.  You may need to attend appointments with our Hygienist or Oral Health Educator for advice on diet and brushing of your teeth.

If your dental health is not up to standard you will not be treated.

Meet the team here.

How to contact the department
Orthodontic Department
Dorset County Hospital
Williams Avenue

Reception Tel: 01305 255174

Secretaries Tel: 01305 2555175/5120

​Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.00pm

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