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​Hospital ​Hero Award Winners​

August 2019

Tanja Vepsalainen, Palliative Care Team

Our Mum was admitted to hospital in a very poorly condition. She had a life limiting condition, but was taken ill so suddenly. They put Mum on end of life care within a few hours of being admitted. Tanja came to see us and explained her role. She came to see us every day through the time we were there with Mum, and was amazing at making sure Mum had all the medication she needed to keep her comfortable and calm. Mum never regained consciousness, but would become distressed at times, and Tanja was there making sure that she was receiving the correct care to keep her from being aware and distressed. She had the most amazing, calming, sincere way of supporting us in this extremely difficult time. She was amazing and our much needed advocate; we couldn't have asked for more.

Nursing Team, Ilchester Ward
Our Mum was brought up from A&E very, very poorly. She had a life limiting illness but had suddenly become seriously ill. She was put on end of life care whilst on the ward. Sadly my Mum took 4 days to take her last breath. The team on Illchester were amazing in looking after our Mum and all of us. We remained by my Mum's bedside until the end and felt part of the ward. Nothing was too much trouble and they regularly checked we were all ok and if we needed anything.  They all showed such care and compassion to Mum which helped us deal with such an awful and terribly distressing week. Thank you all so much for everything you did for us and our Mum.

Alice Coward, Lulworth Ward
Alice was integral in a rescue, made in the car park, of a lady who had fallen out of her car and could not move. Taking command of the situation, we were able to hoist the patient onto a trolley and get her to her appointment down in orthopaedics.  Alice is a natural born leader and kept a calm head, constantly assessing the situation, and the patient, while being concise in her instructions to the bystanders and staff helping, all the time remembering her impeccable bedside manner for the lady who had fallen. I'd like her to be recognised for this and believe she will make a fantastic Doctor one day.

Summer Spectacular Organising Committee
This small group of staff put in a huge amount of work over and above their day jobs to organise and stage the hospital's first ever Summer Spectacular event. Months of planning went into arranging stalls, activities, performances and displays for a summer fete style event based on and around the former school field. The group worked extremely well as a team and did a fantastic job in gaining support from staff throughout the Trust, as well as local organisations, groups and businesses. The event was a resounding success which was enjoyed by hundreds of visitors and raised a substantial amount of money for the Chemotherapy Appeal and other good causes. Well done everyone – the epitome of #TeamDCH in action!

Lauren Ogilvy, Barnes Ward
My 95 year-old Mother was admitted to DCH (Barnes Ward) on the 19th May. She died on 13th June and was particularly fond of one young nurse named Lauren Ogilvy.  Lauren showed wonderful nursing care for my Mum and went that little bit extra to make her as comfortable as possible during her last days. Lauren's cheerful manner and sunny personality always brought a smile to my mum's face and her eyes lit up whenever Lauren was around.  My mother was in a lot of pain and discomfort, but Lauren was so gentle and considerate and it touched me to think that a nurse so young could be so caring and compassionate.  I am extremely grateful to all the nursing staff at DCH who made my Mum's last days as comfortable as possible, but Lauren stood out and I feel that I need to let you know.  I feel that she is deserving of a Hero Award.

Carol Paull, Risk Management
Teamwork – Carol is a valued member of the team. She is always willing to assist when people are busy and will help to ensure that the task gets completed on time. She has also been providing support and cover for a shortfall in the Patient Experience Team.    Excellence – The quality of Carol's work is amazing; 100% of disclosures since GDPR was implemented have been sent out within 30 days. This is a fantastic achievement and is completely down to Carol's planning and organisational skills. It is important to the team that Carol realises how much she supports the Risk Management team, and the function of the department, and just how valued she is!

Glynis Edwards, Discharge Team
Glynis is always very diligent in her work but she has gone the "extra mile" regarding a patient who has been on Barnes Ward for 12 weeks. Due to circumstances beyond the patient's control, he was unable to go back home and was effectively homeless. Glynis liaised with all the necessary departments and co-ordinated his move into a new property. She sat with the patient and arranged to kit the flat out with all the essentials required for setting up a new home, making the transition as easy as possible for the gentleman.  On the day of discharge Glynis made sure that she was at the property to welcome him to his new home and make herself available for any last minute items that had been missed. This is just one example of many that show how hard Glynis works to make things go smoothly. She is an asset to the Discharge Team.

Daniel O'Connor, Emergency Department
Dan has received numerous thank yous and comments from staff and patients alike. He has won the departmental Star of the Month for his outstanding care delivery and going above and beyond his duties, for example, buying a patient with dementia a newspaper, ensuring care and attention is provided at all times. Another patient wrote to me today saying "He is marvellous, polite and goes above and beyond for his job. I have just spent six months in hospital and I have never encountered someone so dedicated, professional and wonderful".

William Boyd, Ophthalmology Department
I support a lady with autism and William took time to introduce himself to her, at her level (she was in a wheelchair) and his manner put her at ease. The department was running late and I mentioned we may have to go outside if she became anxious due to the wait. She coped with the eye test well and William said he was on hand if we needed anything at all. This is where William (Will) went the extra mile and asked the man beside me if we could go in first to see the consultant (which this gentleman kindly agreed to), minimising any distress that could so easily have occurred. I can't thank William enough for his attentive manner, care and kindness today. This could have been a stressful morning, but due to this one member of staff had a very happy outcome. Thank you Will!