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​Hospital ​Hero Award Winners​

June 2019

Day Surgery Unit Team​

My daughter had to attend the day surgery unit in May 2019. The experience from start to finish was exceptional. The entire team we spoke with was excellent. The care and support they offered to both my daughter and to me far outweighed our expectations. We were greeted in a professional manner and immediately made to feel at ease. The team gave my daughter time to settle before coming over and asking questions and offering support around her procedure. This was offered in a professional manner in a way that was easy to understand. They were continually kind and checking my daughter was ok. Following surgery, my daughter was quite unwell, but they were attentive and kind and showed real compassion. There was a lovely calm atmosphere on the unit despite how busy they all clearly were. I witnessed how they behaved within the unit and could see that the kindness and compassion shown to my daughter was replicated across all patients by the whole team. This was a difficult day for both my daughter and me and it was made so much easier by the amazing care provided.

Mark Wall, Patient Transport Liaison Officer

Even though Mark is not a member of DCH, he is an invaluable asset to the hospital as a "go to" point for any transport issues we have, especially the complex discharges. He has a "can do" approach to every problem and regularly goes the extra mile to make sure discharges go smoothly. He has even been known to bring boxes of chocolates for patients before they go so that they know who he is before the day of discharge. We believe that without his help some discharges would be very traumatic for the patients.

Mark Wall, Patient Transport Liaison Officer

On numerous occasions, Mark has come to our rescue to facilitate patients' discharge home.    Most recently, he assisted with a complex bariatric patient and went to the property to measure the door frames and explored every possible avenue he could think of to expedite the patient's return home. Last week, when E-Zec declined to pick up a patient's front door key from a friend in the village, Mark offered to personally take the patient home and collect the keys en-route. He has always, without exception, tried his utmost to help and assist staff to discharge their patients and he is a great asset to the Trust :)​

Liz Murrell, Midwifery Team Chesil

Liz was great and reassuring the whole time; a brilliant magician of health and patient magic.    Suffering from ADHD, anxiety, OCD and PTSD, I find other members of the public, and people in general, sometimes challenging. Liz put me at ease and treated me as if she was my Mum! Loved!  A "cared for" experience :)

Sharon Symonds, Maternity Day Assessment Unit

Sharon always went above and beyond during my second and third pregnancy, when I had to have weekly blood tests for Obstetric Cholestasis. During this time I went for movement monitoring as well as other concerns. All the staff are truly amazing and never make you feel like you are wasting their time; it's too much of a risk to take, but Sharon really has such a calm and sweet nature that just puts you at ease. If she says she will call, she calls. She gave me a hat that her Grandma knitted during my second pregnancy that meant so much to me. In turn, it meant so much to her when, during my third pregnancy, I told her I had kept it as her Grandma had sadly passed. She is like many others - a true asset to the hospital.

Mr Saleem Taibjee and the Dermatology Team

We had a patient who we had been unable to contact for a month to start his very much needed medication for his very severe skin condition. The team tried many ways to contact the patient and did not give up as they were concerned for his wellbeing.  Despite letters and calls, we had not heard from him. They went above and beyond the call of duty for the patient, ringing the GP and other agencies, including the police. In the end, two members of the team attended his house to visit him. This eventually prompted the patient to contact the department and will now start his much-needed treatment.  He had not been looking out for himself and this concern for him appears to have made a real difference. None of this was required of the team. They could have just re-referred to the GP, but concern for the holistic care of the patient saw them go that extra mile.

Sue Berry, Day Surgery

Sue is my 'go to' person in Day Case Surgery! Whenever I am made aware of a person who has a learning disability, and or autism, who is due to come in for day surgery, Sue knows who to go to, what to check out, and how to make tweaks and adjustments in processes to ensure the individual has a truly person-centered experience. This means that they, their families and carers feel listened to, and what is a really scary and anxiety-provoking experience is made less so, reducing distress and fear, and breaking down barriers. This in turn improves both the patient's safety, as well as experience - a real example of the Trust values of Respect, Excellence and Teamwork. I would like to thank Sue for always being able to find a way forward and always seeming to know the answers to my queries!

Cathy McMurray, Day Lewis Ward

We had a patient on the ward who stayed with us for a very long time (3 months). The gentleman was very distressed on one occasion and Cathy, the Staff nurse, sat with him and kept him calm, chatted for a couple of hours and let the patient be heard. During the day shift you can't do this, as it's so busy, but this was a night shift, and Cathy has the most important skill, she listens to the anxious patient. She explained why he was with us and what was happening while he was here. Cathy knew her patient liked dogs, as he had one himself, so chatted about his dog. This seemed to have a massive calming effect on him. She didn't tell the patient to relax; she showed him how. Over several weeks the patient knew that she would be checking on him during her night shift. If we don't listen to our elderly patients with dementia, they think we don't care. On this occasion Staff nurse Cathy McMurray more than excelled.

James Vincent, Plaster Room, Orthopaedic Outpatients​

I broke my arm quite severely in February 2019 after a roller skating fall. I suffer from severe anxiety which often leads me to have panic attacks in stressful situations (breaking my arm counts for one). James was really good with me and my questions that come from anxiety. He offered me reassurance in a non-judgmental way and laughed along with me when I was being sarcastic and jokey, which is my coping strategy. He made me feel welcome and helped me feel more positive about my recovery. He explained things in a way that helped me understand how the arm was doing. As a volunteer, I am used to the hospital setting and I'm very impressed by James and the team overall. Well done James and the Orthopaedic team.