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​Prince of Wales Ward

The Prince of Wales Ward has 13 beds and is on Level 3 of South Wing. The ward provides care for people who have a variety of renal (kidney) conditions.

All staff involved in care on the wards work closely together to provide a high standard of care. Consultants visit the ward every day and the medical team provides 24–hour cover.


Visiting hours: 2.30pm – 4.30pm, 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Special arrangements can be made if these times are difficult for your visitors. However, we may ask visitors to wait if you are receiving consultation or treatment.

Direct line: 01305 255139 or 255376, or through switchboard 01305 251150

Renal Patient View

Are you a renal patient under the care of Dorset County Hospital? Would you like to find out your latest blood results from any PC at home or on holiday? Read about your kidney condition and treatment? If the answer's yes then take a look at Renal Patient View:

You can try out the system using the test logins given via the demo link on the web page. If you would like to enrol then please email: