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Day Lewis Ward

Updated 23 February 2021

Day Lewis Ward is one of two Medicine for Older People wards and forms part of the Frailty Unit. The second Medicine for Older People ward is Barnes Ward

There are 21 beds on Day Lewis Ward, each with a dedicated space for each patient to have a chair, table and locker to store clothing and medications in at their bedside.

Although the ward has both male and female patients the bays are same sex occupancy. We have two bays of five beds and two bays of four beds. We also have three single occupancy cubicles which are used for varied reasons. We do offer separate wash facilities and toilets for male and female patients.

Day Lewis Ward is located on Level 3 South Wing. If you enter the hospital via South entrance 2, take the lift up to the third floor and follow the corridor round to the right. If you enter via South entrance 1 take the stairs up two flights and round to the right. 

The ward is locked to ensure the safety of patients so anyone visiting will need to use the intercom on the left hand side of the door. 

A day room is located on Barnes Ward and is available for patients on Day Lewis to use. The day room helps support patients with their recovery and wellbeing with a number of activities organised throughout the week by dedicated day room staff and/or volunteers.  

We ask that you bring in any medications you take regularly, any toiletries that you will use and both day and night clothes and shoes as this helps to maintain a routine and sense of day and night whilst in hospital. If you are unable to bring them in with you, then we will ask a family member or friends to bring them in at the next available opportunity.

The Ward Sister is Sarah Simmonds who along with Deputy Sisters, Victoria Adawy and Jo Hodder will be very happy to welcome you to the ward and follow up any concerns you may have.

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