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Updated 18 February 2021

Here at Dorset County Hospital it is important that our staff feel listened to, valued and are making a valuable contribution to the Trust. 

If staff feel valued they will be more comfortable in sharing their thoughts, views and concerns. This means that: 

  • When things are going well we can make suggestions about how we can do things differently to improve life for our patients and colleagues
  • When things are not going so well we can talk openly about our concerns with our colleagues and managers to find a solution and learn from our experiences

If you have something on your mind that is impacting on you, your colleagues or patients, please talk to your line manager. They are best placed to support you and take any action needed.

However, we understand that not everyone feels able to do this for different reasons - and this is where the Freedom to Speak Up team can support you.

When things aren’t going right, or you have a concern you would like to highlight, no matter how big or small, you can contact the Freedom to Speak Up team.  

The team can help you when you feel your voice isn’t being heard and have already helped thousands of people working in the NHS and beyond.

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian acts as an independent and impartial source of advice to staff at any stage of raising a concern, with access to anyone in the organisation, including the chief executive, or if necessary, outside the organisation.

Our Guardian at Dorset County Hospital is Bernadette Pritchard. You can contact her on extension 3100 or by emailing bernadette.pritchard@dchft.nhs.uk

Bernadette is supported by the Freedom to Speak Up Champions. Their role is to listen to promote a culture of speaking up, to listen to colleagues concerns, and signpost to appropriate support. You can contact any of our Champions on their work email addresses.

Your conversations with the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and/or Champions confidential. The only exception to this is if there is immediate risk to the safety of you, a colleague, or patient; or if you consent to us sharing information.

Freedom to Speak Up Champions

Liza Rowley

Sharon Cocker

Julia Cheong

Ula Brocklebank

Lynn Paterson

Rachel Cookson

Conny Sargent

Tricia Mansell

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