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Fortuneswell Ward

Updated 23 February 2021

Fortuneswell Ward is a 17-bed adult inpatient ward specifically developed for the care of patients who have cancer and malignant haematology disease.

The ward is located on Level 2 North Wing just before Damers Restaurant.

Many patients who have cancer will undergo intensive treatments such as chemotherapy which can be accompanied by side effects. Some of these side effects and complications require the patient to be admitted to hospital for further management. Whether having treatment or not, some patients with cancer will develop complications associated with the cancer itself and again, this may require admission to hospital for appropriate care and treatment.

The ward is lucky to have a very dynamic multidisciplinary team of nurses, therapists and oncology/hematology and palliative care doctors who are passionate about the care of their patients and keen to support their treatment, care and safe discharge home.

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