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Updated 24 February 2021

Who we are and what we do

How we fit into the NHS structure
Our Constitution
Organisational structure​
Key partnerships
Senior executives and management board/governing body members
Contact details

What we spend and how we spend it

Annual reports
Staff and board members’ allowances and expenses
Staff pay and grading structure
Procurement and tendering, including what we spend

What are priorities are and how we are doing

Annual reports
Objectives and strategic direction
Performance against targets

How we make decisions

Board papers – agendas, supporting papers and minutes
Patient and public engagement strategy

Our policies and procedures

The Trust's corporate Policies and Procedures are available on request from the Freedom of Information Office. Please email FOI@dchft.nhs.uk 

Our Mortality Review Policy and Process is available here.

Lists and registers

The Trust's corporate registers are available on request from the Freedom of Information Office. Please email FOI@dchft.nhs.uk 

The services we offer

Clinical and non-clinical services
Fees for services
Patient information leaflets, booklets and newsletters
Patient Experience Team
Advice and guidance
Corporate communications and media releases