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Updated 19 February 2021

​The Procurement and Logistics Department at Dorset County Hospital is responsible for ensuring that the Trust receives value for money on all purchases that are made. This includes goods, services and estate works.

Our non pay costs are currently £45million and much of this is spent on a wide range of goods and services including: medical and surgical consumables; medical and capital equipment and non-medical equipment, consumables and services.

Opportunities with the Trust

The Trust has adopted the use of an electronic tendering system (CTM) to ensure that all quotes, tenders and competitive opportunities are managed efficiently and effectively.

If you are interested in supplying the Trust please register your interest here.

The Trust has a strict policy for managing commercial representatives. Whilst the Trust appreciates and recognises the role that its current and potential suppliers play in supporting health practitioners and staff working in the NHS, this needs to be managed in accordance with our policy to ensure that all representatives are dealt with in an equitable manner. You must not visit the hospital without a prior appointment as you will be turned away. 

If you have any further questions or queries please email supplies@dchft.nhs.uk

Maintenance contract supplementary terms and conditions

  • All suppliers must have an ISO quality management accreditation system or be working towards it; the Trust may as required request copies of certification
  • Suppliers must confirm their schedule of works with the Trust's Maintenance Senior Buyer at the start of a new/renewed contract
  • If the Trust has to terminate a multiyear contract at any point, the Trust would expect a pro-rata refund of any money paid
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, i.e. lost equipment, equipment beyond economical repair or obsolete equipment the Trust may have to terminate the contract short of its expiry date and should this happen, the Trust would expect a pro-rata refund of any moneys paid
  • The Trusts in Dorset are undergoing a clinical services review which may result in Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust not providing certain services in the future. Should this happen then the Trust will expect to be able to cancel existing maintenance contracts and would expect a pro-rata refund of any moneys paid
  • All engineers should report into Medical Engineering to sign in before servicing/repairing equipment
  • All suppliers/company representatives should be signed up to a supplier credential checking service