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Updated 11 August 2022

Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (DCHFT) is a district general hospital located in Dorchester and is part of the Clinical Research Network Wessex. The Research Department has been operational since 2001 and has a centralised team of approximately 25-30 staff. We are based in the Trust Headquarters building on Bridport Road. In line with the vision for the future of UK clinical research delivery being patient-centred, we also have an active group of volunteer patient research ambassadors (PRAs).

The department includes comprehensive accredited pharmacy services (with a dedicated research pharmacist) and accredited laboratory services (ISO 15189:2012). The team has experience in phase II, III, and IV commercial clinical trials and was the first Trust in the country to recruit to a commercial renal trial.

What is research?

Clinical research is crucial to the discovery and development of new drugs, technologies and practices in healthcare in the NHS and, indeed, the world. Clinical research is a key focus within the Trust, and we strive to turn research findings into new or improved clinical practice for our patients.

The below video produced by the University of Leeds for the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) provides a comprehensive overview of what research is.

What do we do?

We host research funded by external organisations including the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and the life science industry. We also encourage research led by the hospital and can help with the design, set-up and delivery of this research.

The department is keen to offer a balanced portfolio of research to patients with studies in as many clinical areas as possible – and has strong existing portfolios in most clinical areas.

Our strategy

Our mission
Quality and relevant research to deliver outstanding care for people in ways which matter to them.

Our vision
Research at Dorset County Hospital Foundation Trust, working with our research and health and social care partners, will be at the heart of improving the wellbeing of our communities by delivering quality and relevant research.

Our objectives

  • To deliver outstanding research
  • To integrate research into clinical services
  • To collaborate with patients, staff and research partners
  • To enable staff to engage in research
  • To be a sustainable department


Please see below for a list of publications by staff employed by DCHFT:

April 2021 - March 2022
April 2020 - March 2021

If you would like to see full text versions of any of the articles, please email library.office@dchft.nhs.uk

Contact us

Telephone: 01305 253106

E-mail: research@dchft.nhs.uk

Address: Research Department, Dorset County Hospital, Williams Avenue, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 2JY, UK

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