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Updated 15 July 2021

We will put our people first and work together to deliver accessible, outstanding care and help make the west of Dorset a healthier place for all.

Our mission

Outstanding care for people in ways which matter to them.

Our vision

Dorset County Hospital, working with our health and social care partners, will be at the heart of improving the wellbeing of our communities.

Our strategy

Your Future Hospital: Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Strategy 2025

Additional supporting materials are also available, including a poster and flyer.

Putting our people first to make DCH a great place to work and receive care.

Building a better and healthier place for our patients and population.

Working together to ensure outstanding services, accessible to our patients and population.

Foreword by Chairman Mark Addison and Chief Executive Patricia Miller
At Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (DCHFT) we aspire to provide outstanding care for people in ways which matter to them.

In developing our strategy we have sought the views of the people who work at DCHFT, who are central to delivering this, and we also held engagement sessions with patient representative groups from our local communities. This has allowed us to discover what our people, and the communities we serve, feel are important and how we might achieve our future hospital.

Our strategy will focus on three strategic goals: People, Place, and Partnership.

It signals our intention to truly value our staff. Our people are our most important asset, and we want them to feel valued, welcomed, respected, they belong and matter. We recognise the link between high levels of staff satisfaction and improving patient experience and outcomes.

Our vision is to work with our health and social care partners, being at the heart of improving the wellbeing of our communities, demonstrating our continued commitment to collaboration and partnership which will be key to the development of the Dorset Integrated Care System. We recognise for the NHS to deliver the ambitions identified for Integrated Care Systems it will need to reimage the way in which it operates and develops services. We aim to move away from services wrapped around institutions to those that are human centred, co-designed with our communities with citizenship at their heart.

Aligned to our Social Value Pledge, we will work hard to deliver on our responsibilities to be a model employer, contributing to the local economy through our income and purchasing power and improving our environmental sustainability plan to meet the NHS net zero targets: becoming the world’s first net zero national health service.

Committing to reducing our impact on the environment signals recognition of our contribution to better health and wellbeing of our local communities. We have a key role to play in reducing unfair and avoidable health inequalities and our commitment will continue both through the way we deliver services in the future and our partnerships across Dorset.