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Updated 9 July 2021

We are continuing to work towards making all our patient information leaflets available to view and download here.

If you have queries regarding the medical information contained in our leaflets, please speak to your GP, consultant or the department that has prepared the leaflet. If you have feedback regarding the accuracy of the information contained in our leaflets, please email pals@dchft.nhs.uk

Finding reliable medical information on the internet

Many patients search the web for medical information, but finding sources that are accurate, up -to-date and trustworthy can be difficult. To help you locate reliable medical information, Dorset County Hospital Library has developed a leaflet called Finding Good Quality Health Information on the Internet, which lists several search tips and sources of health information.

The DCH Library is also able to help patients search for trustworthy medical information. In addition to assisting patients with internet searches, patients may also browse the library's medical journals and books (however, patients are not able to borrow them). Please visit the Library's Information for Patients webpage for more details. Please be advised that library staff are not able to provide medical advice.

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