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Updated 3 October 2023

My name is Asia. I am a specialty doctor in obstetrics and gynaecology. I came to UK from Pakistan back in 2002 through the PLAB route for doctors. I was pregnant at the time, but right after the delivery of my baby, I got on with my IELTS, PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 as I was keen to progress my career. 

Four children later I was registered with the GMC and started my first locum job in Luton, before then moving to Devon. 

My first substantial post was at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. I was hugely supported by my consultant colleagues and was soon promoted to middle grade, working full time. I also worked in the Fertility Department at Peninsula Centre for Reproductive Medicine. It was not easy to complete my membership exams with four young children but I kept my aims very high.

I then joined Dorset County Hospital in 2013 when my fourth baby was just six weeks old. It was again very challenging to be working full time but it was necessary as I was the only one providing financial support to my whole family as my husband could not get a good job.

I was very well supported at DCH, especially by Miss Audrey Ryan who played a huge role and always reassured me that one day I will be able to complete my goals. She had a huge trust in me which was very encouraging.

Over the 10 years at DCH, my supervisors and colleagues have all been incredibly supportive about me progressing my career - their moral support and appreciation made me even more determined to continue to move forward with my qualifications.

In 2021 I passed my MRCOG with 77% score and it was a massive jump in my career in 2021. I completed my CESR training within one year and succeeded in securing a consultant post in Birmingham.

My decision to leave DCH was based on joining a bigger unit in Birmingham to further enhance my surgical skills and become Laparoscopic Surgeon. I also want to get involved in education and join the Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists to spread the knowledge and improve women's health and care worldwide. I also plan to help other doctors to support them in CESR training as we need a lot of help in this field.

I am proud to say I am the only one from my entire class of Medical School who managed to achieve the membership exams as well as completed CESR. Even with the added pressure of raising a big family, I still managed to achieve my goals.