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Updated 19 February 2021

We are committed to providing a more sustainable Trust, working with our community to achieve a greener NHS

At Dorset County Hospital we have a dedicated team of Sustainability Champions and a Sustainability and Travel Working Group to encourage long-term improvements to the sustainability performance of the Trust.

The Trust’s primary concern continues to be the delivery of quality care and service in order to improve the health and well being of our patients. However, the Trust recognises that its operations have a significant impact on the environment and the local population, and that strong links exist between sustainability and the health and wellbeing of the public. 

The Sustainable Development Strategy for the Health Care System 2014-2020 is available to read here.

Working to become a paper-light Trust

In efforts to reduce the amount of paper we use and become more sustainable we are encouraging patients to opt-in to an e-mail service. Changing to e-mail will enable patients to receive correspondence quicker and in a convenient format and will help us reach our aspiration to be a paper-light Trust.
More information is available here.

Sustainability Day

Each year we actively take part in Sustainability Day. In 2019 we promoted all the Trust is doing to promote sustainability, particular in reducing waste through recycling and using the appropriate bins. 

This year we are asking wards and departments to think of initiatives for either their own area or the entire hospital to help us become a more sustainable working environment and a greener NHS. 

Recycling competition

In October 2018 we launched a competition with our local schools in Dorchester asking students to design a poster to encourage staff, patients and visitors to think about the impact humans are having on the planet and to encourage recycling. 

We had some absolutely fantastic entries but our winners were Evie and Isabelle, both from The Prince of Wales School in Dorchester. 

We felt that Evie and Isabelle’s posters were very creative and definitely encourage recycling and highlight it’s importance! Their posters are now dotted around our Trust.


NHS Single-use Plastics Reduction Campaign Pledge

As an organisation, we pledge to phase out avoidable single-use plastic items which are used in catering services and office spaces.

  • By April 2020, no longer purchase single-use plastic stirrers and straws, except where a person has a specific need, in line with the government consultation

  • By April 2021, no longer purchase single-use plastic cutlery, plates or single-use cups made of expanded polystyrene or oxo-degradable plastics

  • By April 2021, go beyond these commitments in reducing single-use plastic food containers and other plastic cups for beverages – including covers and lids