Enquiries: 01305 251150

Updated 30 September 2021

The phlebotomy team offer a blood test service for all outpatients undergoing treatment/care from a hospital doctor or practitioner. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic we are asking all our patients to follow this guidance:

  • Only attend if you have booked an appointment

  • Ensure you bring your request form with you

  • Do not arrive any earlier than five minutes before your booked appointment time

  • Wear a mask or face covering when entering the hospital

  • Use the alcohol gel available at the entrances

  • Please attend alone unless you require a carer as we have limited space in the waiting area

  • Please wait in the allocated waiting area until the phlebotomist on duty calls you

  •  Please do not attend the appointment if you have any symptoms of coronavirus

All patients are now offered a 15 minute appointment to allow for the thorough cleaning of all equipment between patients. We also operate a 'one way' service throughout the Outpatients Department to reduce contact with other patients

We regret that we are unable to offer a routine walk-in service for any patients at this current time. If you do not have an appointment and a request form we will not be able to take your blood. 

Why do I need a blood test?

Blood is a valuable diagnostic tool used by doctors to help them find out what is wrong with you. The phlebotomy team are experts at both blood sampling and the correct handling of those samples to ensure your doctor gets all the information they need to proceed with your care and treatment.

How do I arrange a blood test?

Your doctor will need to request the relevant blood tests. They will give you a paper request form which you will need to bring to the appointment with you.

Where can I get my blood test done?

We have a phlebotomy clinic at Dorset County Hospital and Weymouth Community Hospital. Both clinics operate by booked appointments only. 

We are currently only booking urgent blood tests. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Dorset County Hospital Blood Clinic
We are situated in the Medical/Surgical Outpatients Department, South Wing Level 1.  Please enter the department via South Wing Entrance 1. Turn right and the outpatient department is situated on your right.

We offer a separate phlebotomy clinic for haematology and oncology patients in the Robert White Centre. Please contact them directly on 01305 254355.

The DCH clinic is open Monday to Friday 8am - 2pm. 

Weymouth Community Hospital 
Due to the global shortage of blood tubes we are reducing our Weymouth Phlebotomy clinic days to Mondays and Wednesdays only until further notice.
We are situated in the Outpatients Department, East Entrance Ground Floor, Room 4A and are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8.15am - 2.15pm.

To book your appointment at either DCH or Weymouth Community Hospital call the booking line between 9am and 2pm Monday to Friday on 01305 254822. Please have your blood request form on hand as we will need your Hospital Number to book your appointment. If the telephone line is busy, please leave a message.

Is there anything I need to do before I have my blood test?

In certain instances (special tests) you may be asked to 'fast' (not eat or drink before the test).  The majority of blood tests  do not require you to 'fast'.

We do ask that you:

  • try and stay well hydrated before your appointment
  • stay relaxed and keep warm

Patient concerns

Within our team, we understand that a blood test can be a worrying time for some individuals. If you have any concerns before, during or after the sample has been collected, please talk to the phlebotomist who is with you. They will try to help you through the process.

If you previously have experienced any adverse effects whilst having blood taken, talk to the attending phlebotomist so they can take any relevant action.

This could include:

  • fainting or feeling lightheaded or unwell
  • vomiting
  • excess pain
  • anxiety
  • having poor venous access (hard to find a vein)

If you need to discuss anything prior to having blood taken please contact the phlebotomy coordinator on 01305 254822.

What happens to my blood sample?

When a doctor, nurse or phlebotomist collects a blood sample from you, it is the first step in a process that will involve several hospital departments, many skilled scientists and the use of advanced diagnostic testing technology. 

Blood samples are sent to pathology laboratories to help your doctor make a diagnosis and/or to check how your treatment is progressing. Increasingly, blood tests are also carried out to promote health and wellbeing, and disease prevention.

When will I get my results? 

The results are usually reported by direct electronic transfer to a computer in the GP surgery or hospital ward. Pathology laboratories often have a rule preventing them from giving the results to anyone other than the doctor or nurse who asked for them.

This is for your protection, but means that the laboratory cannot give results to the patient either over the telephone or in person. You should make any enquiries regarding your results to your doctor.