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Updated 3 October 2023

My name is Sadia and I work as a Specialist Grade (Paediatrics). Before moving to UK I was working in Saudi Arabia.

I joined Dorset County Hospital on an unpaid clinical attachment to gain experience of the NHS and to sharpen my skills to pass the paediatric membership exams, which I duly did. Despite having the exams and clinical experience to commence working at registrar level, I chose to work at a lower SHO grade to fully find my feet in the NHS. I think this really showed my motivation and approach to work. I believe by doing this I gained a very mature approach to the progression and development of my career.

I progressed to registrar level and worked as a key member of our team and started working hard towards my CESR qualification.

Recently I have been promoted up to the Specialist Grade post where I am sharing the responsibilities of consultants and working on the consultant rota.

I can proudly say this is due to excellent support and guidance from my department. Phil Parslow has been my mentor and supervisor through my journey. I am very grateful for his support, motivation, and dedication. He has always been there for me and guiding me in taking responsibility for patient care and suggesting seeking senior support where appropriate. He wanted me to learn and develop myself and supported me to achieve my goal to develop a special interest in paediatric diabetes.

I would like to specially mention about Dr Will Wardy, who helped me with his great experience and knowledge, when I moved to the diabetes team. He signposted me the courses and qualifications to become a paediatric diabetes doctor. I have been working with the diabetes team over the last two years and am becoming an integral part of the team.

I have always been given equal opportunities by all my consultants while working with them. I have never had any hesitation in contacting them due to the ease they offered me every time I asked for help.

Dorset County Hospital is an excellent place to work. Lots of opportunities are available and this trust definitely recognises the role of SAS and LED doctors in NHS and is ready to provide support to them. The teams offer CESR support and career progression. I have also taken a role of SAS Tutor and would be keen to help and guide people through my experience. 

I am currently working on my CESR application which will enable me to apply for a substantial consultant post in future, which has always been my goal.