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Updated 15 November 2021

News and updates relevant to GPs are issued via the Dorset CCG's weekly Primary Care Bulletin. If you would like to be added to the distribution list or contribute to the bulletin, please email communications@dorsetccg.nhs.uk

Recent information for GPs is also available below.

Two Week Wait Referrals sent via E-referrals to DCH

Please can we ask referrers to include all relevant attachments to the patients UBRN when referring into the 2WW services at Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, including the relevant specialty 2ww proforma.

Please note that incomplete referrals will be rejected in E-referrals and will then appear on the rejected referrals worklist for referrers to resubmit with the appropriate information.

For queries relating to the above please contact Ellie Goff, Eleanor.Goff@dchft.nhs.uk


As of 11 October 2021 the following service will be available on E-referrals:  Rheumatology Service Advice and Guidance-Dorset County Hospital NHS FT-RBD


As of 16 September 2021 the following services will no longer be available on E-referrals as they  have been unpublished:

Rheumatology Service – Dorset County Hospital

Rheumatology Service (Non Dorset Referrals) – Dorset County Hospital

Early Inflammatory Arthritis Service – Dorset County Hospital

Rheumatology Service - Weymouth

Rheumatology Service – Weymouth (Non-Dorset referrals)

Rheumatology Service Advice and Guidance

New E-Referrals

As of 30 April 2021 the following service has been published on E-referrals:

  • Vascular Claudication Service-Weymouth - Dorset County Hospital NHS FT-RBD

This is a nurse-led service running from Weymouth Community Hospital.

NHS E-Referrals
Nephrology service change

As of 12 April 2021 the following services will no longer be available on E-referrals as they have been unpublished:

  • Nephrology Service South West/North Dorset patients -Dorset County Hospital  NHS FT-RBD
  • Nephrology Service BOURNEMOUTH PATIENTS ONLY - Bournemouth  Hospital -DCH NHS FT-RBD
  • Nephrology Service YEOVIL PATIENTS ONLY - YEOVIL HOSPITAL- DCH  NHS FT-RBD             

These services have been unpublished due to changes in the Renal service.

The below service has been published to E-referrals:

  • Nephrology RAS Dorchester, Poole, Bournemouth and Yeovil patients

DEXA referrals

You must now place all Diagnostic Imaging requests for DEXA scans at Dorset County Hospital on ICE along with your requests for all other Diagnostic Imaging modalities.

Please note that DCH Diagnostic Imaging Department will no longer accept paper requests for DEXA scans from 1 August 2020.

DEXA scan requests must now be made on the 'X-Ray' panel on ICE.

Please note that paper requests will be rejected from this date.

Any questions, please call the ICE Team or Diagnostic Imaging at DCH.

Kate Lewins
Senior Radiographer/Diagnostic Imaging IT Systems
Diagnostic Imaging
Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
01305 255221

Consultant Connect – direct access to specialist advice at Dorset County Hospital

The number of specialist teams available for phone advice and guidance at Dorset County Hospital is growing. GPs can access the following specialist teams directly by using the Consultant Connect App on mobile phones or by calling the GP surgery's unique Dial-In Numbers from landlines.

DCH specialist teams available via Consultant Connect

  • Radiology Department
  • Emergency Department
  • Vascular 
  • Cardiology
  • Paediatrics
  • Stroke Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • GUM – Sexual Health
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry

Tina Hynch
Transformation Project Officer
Dorset County Hospital
01305 254910

Dorset County Hospital paediatric rapid access

The paediatricians run a rapid access clinic for patients that need to be seen within two weeks. The GP must call and discuss the need for the urgent referral with the second on call paediatrician or if they are unavailable with the on call registrar via switchboard. Referrals for this clinic will not be accepted unless they have been discussed. If it is agreed that patient is suitable for a rapid access clinic slot the GP will email relevant information/referral to the Paediatric rapid access central email address which is paedrapid@dchft.nhs.uk

Dorset County Hospital nurse-led heart failure service

Please note that due to current operational constraints, the hospital based nurse-led heart failure service will be greatly reduced and could temporarily cease to operate at any time. All patients will be notified in due course and will receive a 'traffic light' symptom checker/advice sheet about when to seek help. GPs can continue to seek advice through the Advice and Guidance system. This will be monitored by a consultant cardiologist with options to offer advice and if necessary arrange an admission. If the heart failure nurses remain available, there may also be some capacity to arrange an urgent review. Your cooperation during this time is greatly appreciated.

Dorset County Hospital MSK physiotherapy service

In line with government and our professional body guidance all non-essential health and social care delivery must stop. In line with this principle the Dorset County Hospital MSK OPD Physiotherapy Department has moved to a telephone triage model, and will prioritise urgent cases only for telephone assessment.  We have maintained a small amount of capacity for face-to-face appointments but this will occur only after initial telephone screening, and only be used to screen for potential serious pathology, or to support urgent care needs, ie where the risk of not seeing the patient and providing access to physiotherapy may lead to hospital admission. I hope you will support us through this period of unprecedented change by considering carefully whether the patient fulfils these criteria before you refer to us.