Enquiries: 01305 251150

Updated 23 June 2021

You may need to come into hospital to see a specialist doctor or nurse in a clinic or have some tests done.

To do this you will come as an ‘outpatient’.

This means that will not have to stay in hospital but you will just be visiting for an appointment

Sometimes you can have you appointment ‘virtually’.

This means you can see the doctor using a computer or tablet or smartphone from your own home.

Not everyone finds this easy and an appointment at the hospital may be better.

Please remember to bring your ‘This is me, My Care Passport’ to your appointment. 

You can download a blank one here

Getting here and parking

Click here to find out how to get here, where to park and parking charges.

How to find the ward or department you need

If you go to main reception at the main entrance North Wing 1, there will be someone there who can help you find your way.

The telephone number for the Hospital switchboard is 01305 25150.

If you need the hospital to make changes (reasonable adjustments) to make your visit easier please contact the department to talk about this before your appointment.

Click here to see more information on the wards and departments.

Click here for more information on tests and investigations.