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Updated 30 November 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted on our hospital waiting times and as a result, some patients are having to wait longer for appointments.

We wanted to increase our capacity and reduce waiting times. South Walks House in Dorchester was originally identified as a building that we can use to increase our capacity to see patients and maximise space on the main Dorset County Hospital site. We began seeing patients there in 2021.

In October 2022 we received funding to transform space at South Walks House into fully functioning clinical space. To do this, we have temporarily moved the Outpatient Assessment Centre to Vespasian House in Dorchester. Appointments will take place there from 21 November and will be held there until summer 2023. If you have any queries, call the number on your appointment letter or email OutpatientAppointments@dchft.nhs.uk

What to expect at your appointment at Vespasian House

Vespasian House is located in Bridport Road, Dorchester, DT1 1TG, near the Keep Military Museum.

While there are two disabled spaces outside the building and space for patient transport drop off and collections, there is no dedicated parking at Vespasian House.

Parking is available in the nearby Top O’ Town Car Park and at the main Dorset County Hospital site. There are also one-hour on-street parking spaces outside Vespasian House.

Parking at Top O’ Town is £1.50 for two hours and £2.60 on the main hospital site, which should be sufficient time for patients attending appointments.

COVID-19 guidance

Face coverings are mandatory at South Walks House Outpatient Assessment Centre in line with COVID-19 guidance for healthcare settings.

Please help us protect our patients and staff - wear a face covering and wash or gel your hands.

If you are not able to tolerate wearing a face covering or surgical mask, you will be required to wear a visor that we provide, unless you can demonstrate you are exempt. A visor provides some degree of reduction of spray when you talk and is a recognised alternative for those rare occasions where someone cannot tolerate a mask.

If you do not wear a face covering and decline a visor, and you are not exempt, you will not be allowed to enter the centre.

Please help us keep the centre COVID safe for all patients, staff and visitors, and be respectful to our staff if they ask you to comply with this policy. Verbal or physical aggressive behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated.