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Acute Hospital at Home

Updated 16 July 2021

The Acute Hospital at Home service enables patients who are medically stable and safely able to receive their required treatment and rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home, either by leaving hospital earlier or avoiding admission to a traditional ward. 

The team members consist of the same compliment of staff as on any traditional ward, including medical staff, Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Health Care and Therapy Assistants, Administrator, Pharmacy support, SALT and Dietetics.

This enables the trust to make optimum use of the in-patient beds and supports those patients who are safely able to complete their treatment and recovery in an environment which reflects their individual needs. 

It also prevents patients from becoming deconditioned and thus supports patients to recover more quickly in a way which is more meaningful and purposeful to their lifestyle. Referrals may be made via DCH wards and clinics, the Emergency Department and Community Hub and the co-‚Äčordinator on duty. 

The acuity and number of patients on the Acute Hospital at Home Service at the time will need to be considered prior to accepting any new referrals. The service is provided across West Dorset as capacity allows.

The patients remain under the care of their referring consultant and can be reviewed by that team in the Ambulatory Care Unit with prior agreement if deemed necessary.

The Acute Hospital at Home service is provided seven days a week from 7.30am until midnight, including all bank holidays.

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