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Updated 23 February 2021

If you have questions about your medications that affect the immune system with regards to coronavirus please visit the British Association of Dermatologist website.

The Dermatology Department is based at Dorset County Hospital in the North Wing.

Consultant clinics are held here and also at the community hospitals in Weymouth, Blandford and Bridport. There are nurse–led follow up clinics for psoriasis, eczema, acne patients and post–photodynamic therapy patients. In addition, there are GP direct referral clinics for paediatric wart and eczema patients.

Treatments performed in the Dermatology Department

Ultraviolet light therapy
Exposing the body to intense ultraviolet light of either UVA or UVB. Various conditions are treated, most commonly psoriasis and eczema.

Photodynamic therapy
A treatment for skin cancers of a non–melanoma type and pre–cancerous skin conditions.

Treating skin lesions with liquid nitrogen. These lesions include warts and seborrhoeic keratosis.

Patch testing
To show or disprove allergy to substances coming into contact with the skin.

An electrical treatment used to treat excessive sweating of the palms and soles.

Uptons paste
Applications of this paste are used to treat mosaic wart virus of the soles.

Ultraviolet therapy of UVB, cryotherapy and post-photodynamic therapy clinics are also held in Bridport Hospital.

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