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You may have a course of hydrotherapy at the request of your doctor or physiotherapist.

Hydrotherapy pool

Aquatic Physiotherapy, or hydrotherapy, is water-based physiotherapy. Physiotherapists with special training design individualized programmes in order to improve function. This may involve strengthening weak muscles or improving mobility in joints after injury or operation.The water is heated to a comfortable 34.5ºC so that the warmth of the water eases pain and helps muscles and joints move more freely.

Exercise in water was used by the Greeks and Romans to maintain their health, but went out of fashion in the middle ages. It became popular again in Georgian times when attendance at spas such as the one at Bath in England became very fashionable. In current times, spas are used for relaxation and pampering – however we provide something very different from that!

After a session of exercise in water you may feel tired, because you may not realize just how hard you have been working. Often you will gain more from hydrotherapy if you go to a local pool in order to practise the exercises you have been shown.

In order to be referred to hydrotherapy, you must have an initial physiotherapy assessment in the outpatient department at Dorchester, Weymouth or your GP Practice if an NHS physiotherapist is based there. This will involve giving you a diagnosis of your problem and information about what you can expect in terms of improvement.

If hydrotherapy is appropriate for you, your Physiotherapist will agree goals for the treatment with you and then refer you to hydrotherapy - all of this information will be passed on to the aquatic Physiotherapist.

After your aquatic physiotherapy treatment, you may be either discharged if no further follow-up is required, but more usually you will be referred back to the physiotherapist you saw initially in order to review your goals for the treatment and progress land-based exercise.

How do I get there?

Follow the signs to South Wing Entrance 2. Once inside go straight ahead, past the lift to the end of the corridor and turn left to the hydrotherapy pool.

What will I need?

Please bring a swimming costume, a towel, soap or shower gel and a swimming cap if you have long hair. Please avoid bringing valuables as lockers are not provided.

Can I bring someone with me?

You are welcome to bring a friend, relative or carer with you, especially if you need help with dressing or undressing. For safety reasons they will be required to wait in the reception area, not at the poolside, during your treatment.

Reasons for not attending

Should you have any of the following please inform us by ringing 01305 255429 as soon as possible:

  • An area of broken skin;
  • A temperature;
  • A heavy cold;
  • An infection;
  • A skin rash.

How long will it take?

You will need to allow about one hour to include showering, a drink and a rest after treatment.

Skin care

You will be required to shower before and after hydrotherapy. Please use a shower gel or soap. Please avoid use of creams/body lotions before treatment. After treatment we suggest that you apply a moisturising body lotion. Please do not bring talcum powder as it makes the floor slippery and is dangerous for others.

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