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Updated 17 January 2023

Clinical Neurophysiology provides a range of neurophysiological and electrodiagnostic investigations to aid diagnosis of neurological conditions including epilepsy, and a wide range of nerve and muscle disorders. We are situated in a suite of rooms on Level 2 of North Wing at Dorset County Hospital.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am until 4.30pm
Direct dial telephone: 01305 255255 with answer phone
Email: neurophysiology@dchft.nhs.uk

The following tests are currently available at Dorset County Hospital:

Routine EEG for Adults
Routine EEG for Children
Ambulatory EEG
Sleep Deprived EEG
Physiologist-led Carpal Tunnel Study Clinics
Nerve Conduction/Electromyogram Tests

Click below for Patient Information Leaflets about all our tests:

Routine EEG for Adults
Easy Guide to EEG for Adults with Special Needs
Routine EEG for Children
Ambulatory EEG for Adults
Ambulatory EEG for Children
Sleep Deprived EEG for Adults
Sleep Deprived EEG for Children
Melatonin Sedation for your Child's EEG
Carpal Tunnel Studies
Nerve Conduction/Electromyogram

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