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Updated 18 July 2023

The Orthoptic Department is based at the Royal Eye Infirmary at Dorset County Hospital. Orthoptic clinics are carried out regularly in the hospital and in surrounding community clinics at the Dorchester children’s centre, Blandford, Bridport, and Weymouth. Patients may see an Orthoptist, optometrist and/or ophthalmologist as part of their care.

Orthoptists assess, diagnosis and manage adults and children with the following conditions:

  • amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • squint
  • defective binocular vision
  • abnormal eye movements
  • diplopia (double vision)

Patients may be treated with glasses, prisms, exercises, or patches. Some patients may require surgery which is done on the eye Day Case Unit at Dorset County Hospital, usually without the need for an overnight stay.

Dorset County Hospital is an approved clinical placement centre for undergraduate orthoptic students who will sometimes be working in the department under the supervision of a qualified member of staff.

Our clinical staff

Kayleigh Cole - Head Orthoptist

Louise Matthews - Specialist Orthoptist

Kerri Houston - Specialist Orthoptist

Alice Thompson – Orthoptist

Tracy Crowley – Specialist Orthoptist

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