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Same Day Emergency Care Unit (SDEC)

Updated 23 February 2021

The Same Day Emergency Care Unit (SDEC) provides care for emergency patients who do not require an overnight stay. Patients are likely to have been referred to the unit from the Emergency Department, from their General Practitioner or following a discharge from Dorset County Hospital.

Patients that typically attend the unit are those who have had or suspected of having a pulmonary embolus (blood clot on the lung), deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in a vein), cellulitis (skin infection), or conditions such as chest pain, abdominal pain and abscess.

Some patients may have been seen in the Emergency Department overnight and asked to return to the SDEC Unit the next day for review as an overnight bed stay or acute admission was not clinically needed for their treatment.

Some patients from the Acute Hospital at Home service may also be asked to return to the SDEC Unit for a review with their consultant.

Whilst on the unit you may be seen you will be assessed, diagnosed and treated with a focus on getting you back home safely on the same day. Where possible, we aim to arrange any diagnostic tests within the duration of your visit. We also try to give you the results on the same day. You may have treatment while in SDEC, or we might recommend that your GP starts treatment. You will be assessed and treated by Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP). 

SDEC is staffed and managed by a unit lead, supported by ANP's, registered nurses and health care assistants. 

The environment is bright, spacious and has a waiting area. You will be seen and examined and, if appropriate to wait, you may be moved back to the waiting area whilst waiting for results in order that others may be seen.

The SDEC Unit is located on South Wing on Level 2 and is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm.

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