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Surgical Admissions Lounge

Updated 23 February 2021

Our aim in the Surgical Admissions Lounge (SAL) is to make your stay as comfortable, and as pleasant as possible. Please read the following information carefully. It is important that you take note of any special instructions. 

If you cannot attend for any reason, please inform the admissions office, as soon as possible, on the number specified in your letter.

If you have any questions or worries regarding your admission, please contact the Pre-operative Assessment team on 01305 254222. Please leave a message on the answer phone service, if there is no one available. They will contact you at their earliest convenience, but this might not be on the same day that you leave a message.

Prior to surgery

  • Follow any preparation instructions you have been given
  • Please ensure that you have adequate supplies of pain relief at home. Supermarket's own brands are equally effective as the more expensive products
  • Please remove false nails and nail varnish
  • Arrange for someone responsible to collect you and stay with you overnight, and all the next day
  • Think about how you will manage when you are discharged home from hospital
  • You may want to make arrangements for someone to help you for a longer period of time
  • Pack your essential items if you are staying in hospital for a few days. Please ask your friends or relatives to bring in these additional personal belongings, following your procedure, when you are on the ward 

On the day

  • You should take your normal medicine, as directed by the nurse at your pre-operative assessment appointment, or as specified in your admission letter   
  • Have a bath, strip wash or shower on the morning of your procedure
  • Follow instructions regarding eating and drinking restrictions, if applicable
  • Arrive at the hospital at the time advised and wear mask, provided at entrance to Hospital
  • See special instructions for all procedures below for further details 

Being admitted to the Surgical Admissions Lounge

  • Please report to Surgical Admissions Lounge, based in East Wing Entrance One, Level Two, at the time stated on your admission letter, or as advised over the phone
  • When you arrive in SAL, you will be greeted by a member of staff who will direct you to your bed space or ask you to take a seat in the waiting area
  • A member of the SAL nursing team which consists of Registered Nurses and Senior Health Care Support Workers, will collect you from the waiting area and take you through to the admission area
  • The nurse will prepare you for your operation
  • Your Anaesthetist and Surgeon will see you before your surgery, and ask you to sign a consent form, if not already completed
  • You will then be able to relax in your own clothes, in your designated bay in SAL
  • The nurse will ask you to change into a hospital gown shortly before you go to theatre
  • You will either walk or be wheeled in to theatre, accompanied by a member of the theatre team

Please be aware that the time stated on your admission letter is an arrival time, and not an appointment time. 

The time of your procedure will depend on the order of the operating list. Please note that the lists run for a few hours and you may have a lengthy wait before your procedure time. The nurses will advise you of the list order and will be able to give you an estimate of how long you will need to wait. 

Special instructions for all procedures

  • Please bathe, strip wash or shower before coming in for your procedure
  • Depending on your work, you may require time off following your operation. Please discuss this with the Surgeon/Nurse prior to your procedure
  • Please remove all nail varnish, false nails, metal clip hair extensions, make up, jewellery and piercings before coming in for your procedure, and leave them at home. Your wedding band can be taped, unless you are having surgery on that arm or hand. In which case, please remove
  • Ensure that you wear loose, comfortable clothing which is easy to put on when you go home
  • Please bring a repeat prescription form or your regular medication, especially diabetic treatment and inhalers, with you. The exception is controlled medication- please leave this at home
  • It is advisable to bring in a dressing gown and slippers. Please wear slippers or flat shoes with a good grip during your stay with us, as your safety is one of our primary concerns
  • There is very limited space and storage available, therefore, only bring essential personal items which can fit inside a cabin sized bag/ holdall to the Unit such as: Book, paper or something to do whilst you wait; Case for glasses/hearing aid, if worn; Container for dentures, if worn; Container for contact lenses, if worn; Carrier bag or small holdall, to pack away the clothes you have worn on admission.

It is advisable to arrange for a friend or relative to collect you following your procedure. However, depending on the extent of your surgery or personal circumstances, this may not always be required.

Please do not bring electrical items, sharp objects, alcohol or anything of value with you to the hospital. Staff do not take any responsibility for lost property.  

Procedures under general anaesthetic or sedation

Please adhere to the special instructions for all procedures, plus the following:

  • It is essential that you abide by the instructions on your admission letter, regarding restrictions on eating and drinking
  • If you are coming in to hospital for a procedure on an afternoon list, please try to get up and eat an early breakfast before 7am and again only drink water, black tea or coffee, up to one hour before your admission time
  • You must have somebody available to collect you and to stay with you for twenty four hours, following a general anaesthetic or sedation
  • You are advised not to smoke or drink alcohol for at least twenty four hours, before your admission 

Procedures under regional anaesthetic

Please adhere to the special instructions for all procedures, plus the following:

  • It is essential that you abide by the instructions on your admission letter, regarding restrictions on eating and drinking
  • You must have somebody available to collect you and it is recommended that you have someone to stay with you for twenty four hours, following a procedure under regional anaesthetic
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